Is Pinterest in the Best Interest of Your Business?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking site in history. In essence, it is a virtual scrapbook where users can collect (Pin) their favorite images from across the web onto their own boards (categorized scrapbooks). In February, it drove more website traffic than Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google + combined. This month it counted almost 18 million accounts, which according to Comscore, is up approximately 50% from last month, and it is still not completely open to the public. Users have to be invited, but the chances are that you know someone on Pinterest so it shouldn’t be too hard requesting an invite. It’s simple, easy to use, and visually attractive and a great way to promote any business where photographs and images can serve as marketing tools to promote their product or service. When you “Pin” an image directly from your site, it links from the image board on Pinterest back to your webpage, which can be a “Purchase” page or other valuable “Call to Action”.

Before you run off and hire a new photographer or get your graphic designer to throw that stack of “to do’s” off of their desk to focus solely on this engaging new social media platform, we’ve provided a few considerations to take in as to whether or not Pinterest is for your business:

Does Your Product Translate Well to Imagery?

If you own a retail business then the chances are that you can benefit from Pinterest for your brand. If the best way to promote your product is by “showing” it to customers in the hopes that they will respond with “Ooh, I want that!” then you’ve now found the perfect social network. Here are a few industries that are seeing tremendous success on Pinterest:

  • Fashion (accessories, apparel)
  • Hair & Beauty (cosmetics)
  • Food & Drink (baked goods, confectionary, etc…)
  • Home Décor (furnishings, accessories, art)
  • Literature (cookbooks, comics, graphic novels)
  • Automotive

Does Your Service Translate Well to Imagery?

The service industry is a little less obvious, but just because you don’t necessarily sell a physically tangible good doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of images to promote your public offering on Pinterest. If your business falls into one of these categories, start Pinning! Your competition has already started.

  • Travel & Tourism (hotels, airlines, travel agents)
  • Arts & Entertainment (concerts, nightlife, theater)
  • Food Service (cafes, catering, restaurants, personal chefs)
  • Wedding Planners
  • Salons & Spas (health, beauty)
  • Fitness (gyms, massage, training, wellness)
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Graphic Design & Photography
  • Real Estate

What About Non-Profits?

Non Profits are garnering quite the following by pinning images of endangered animals, deforestation, poverty stricken regions, and war torn countries. If your organization fits the mold, you won’t find a better place to tug at the heart strings than by placing powerful photos on Pinterest.

  • Environmental Organizations & Charitable Foundations

Who Is Your Target Market?

Women account for approximately 80% of Pinterest users. If your product/service depends heavily on this general demographic then you need to get on board. However, no need to throw away any ambitions of promoting a new after-shave on Pinterest to combat Old Spice. Although they have been late-adopters to this social media phenomenon, the number of men flocking to Pinterest is now on a steady rise and forecasts foresee a relative balancing out in the near future.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words and Pinterest is proving this case day by day. Businesses and brands are seeing unparalleled success from this scrapbook like social network and strategies are shifting to accommodate the trend. While 18 million users in such a short time may seem like a lot – and it is – you don’t have to feel like you’ve already missed the boat for your business. Many companies are still among the first to place their industry’s product/service on Pinterest and the more creative you can be on this visual board the more likely you are to capture the attention of followers – future customers.

If you simply don’t have the time to start a whole new social media campaign but see the necessity of it, consult an authority on social media marketing right away.

Start Pinning!


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