Using Twitter to Increase Your Customer Base

It’s no secret that Twitter is a valuable tool for businesses in increasing their customer base. For many, it is far more applicable to their needs than Facebook. Twitter allows you to promote your product/service to everyone on the network, whether they are “following” you or not. Facebook, however, limits your exposure to those that have already chosen to “like” you.

If you don’t already have a Twitter account for your business, set one up, it’s easy. Once you have one, you can use this article on Using Twitter to Increase Your Customer Base. This itemized list will take you through the steps of how to best maximize your time on this powerful social network marketing tool.

1. Personality is OK

Many business owners feel that they should keep things strictly professional on social networks. While you are representing your brand and should communicate accordingly (don’t tell us what you had for lunch, unless of course you are a professional food critic) you will still want to maintain a witty, conversational tone in your tweets in order to convert the message into a click-through.

Using our own industry as an example, this is an example of what NOT to tweet:

“Click here to get your business on Google Page 1 (insert link)”

Instead, we would prefer to lead with something like this:

“You do realize that Google Page 2 doesn’t really exist, right? (insert link)”

2. Become a Follower to Become a Leader

Too often we see businesses with a 1/5 ratio of those they are following to followers.  For BIG brands this works fine, they call the shots and have the reputation to maintain a loyal legion. But we see many small businesses with 500 followers while only following 100 or so profiles. Twitter isn’t a popularity contest. You offer a product/service and the only way to find your customers amidst the millions of potential ones hidden within the walls of Twitter is to follow their conversations. Are you a moving company? If so, you can find out who in the Twitter universe is talking about moving and communicate with them about your offering. But this can only happen if you are privy to these conversations. In other words, you have to follow your target demographics. Take only 20 minutes out of each week and devote it to following profiles that appear to match your target. Choose those that don’t have a large following (under 1000 followers) so they will notice your addition to their profile. Many of them will follow you back.

3. Twitter Tools Make it Easy

Hashtags – A Hashtag is that # sign you see plastered all over the Twitter conversation board. It is used to target specific key words.  If you are a travel agent representing Mexico, you will want to add # in front of Mexico in your tweets:

“Our most popular tour in #Mexico (insert link)”

Anyone taking a vacation to Mexico may search “Mexico” on the Twitter board and if you consistently tweet with that hashtag in place, they may find your tweets AND profile page, even if they aren’t following you. You now have a potential customer.

Photos – A picture is worth a thousand words and when Twitter only allows 140 characters for each tweet, a picture is worth even more. Twitter allows you to upload photos. For many businesses, a photo can say a lot about your offering. For example, a bakery can showcase images of cupcakes instead of describing them – much more effective!

Scheduling – What business owner has time to send out tweets every day? Instead, there are fantastic free options available such as HootSuite that allow you to pre-schedule tweets MONTHS in advance.

Conclusion (for now)

If this all still sounds a little overwhelming then you may want to consider consulting an authority on social media marketing for small to medium businesses. We will be more than happy to get you started and on your way to customer conversion on Twitter.

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