Is YouTube for You?

We’re not exactly drawing your attention to a cutting edge topic here. Everyone spends some time on YouTube. However, for many, much of that time involves watching someone’s pet parakeet chasing a cat, or a pet cat chasing a large dog, or a dog playing the piano. You get the idea.

Businesses on the other hand, could benefit from time better spent using this fantastic resource, yet often neglect to take advantage of video as a means to promote their product or service. It can feel a bit overwhelming compared to using text to Tweet or pictures to Pin. However, the value of YouTube as a marketing channel is exponential and should not be overlooked out of aversion to A/V technology. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth a million.

Here, we have provided a few considerations about whether or not you should use YouTube for your business:



If your product or service depends on customers following a set of instructions to properly use it, then video should be a priority in your marketing strategy. If an IKEA purchase came with a link to a step by step YouTube video on how to put that particular Swedish bunk bed frame together, moms and dads across the world would sigh in relief. By making every step of the purchase process easy for the customer, you are encouraging them to return to you.

Content Sharing

The best way to nurture the public until they become paying customers is to offer them something of value beforehand. As an expert in your industry you can provide helpful tips in video format that will give your brand the aura of authority. Take a look at this instructional video from a popular moving company below. Who would have thought of packing jackets this way? Not us. This kind of information sharing creates customers in the long run.

 How to Pack Jackets (YouTube)


Pictures are great marketing tools yet often cannot do your product justice. One of the best examples to look at is within the real estate market. Realtors often use photos and virtual galleries on their website and perhaps a quick video snippet about themselves, but imagine the impact on the interest for one of their favorite properties if they were to perform a virtual “walk-through” with viewers, taking them from the front gate, through the yard, into the home, and walk from room to room to showcase the property. In any instance where product or service marketing would be best served by having the customer on location, but logistics make it difficult, then using video to communicate with the public will gain you a competitive advantage.


In a perfect world, your business would have a production team and creating quality video would be easy. Many of you, however, do not. No problem. Chances are that your mobile phone will have built-in HD video capabilities and if it’s a model made within the last year, the quality will be fine enough for YouTube. These mobile devices are also customized with “one-touch” sharing capabilities that allow you to shoot, edit, and post to YouTube with the tap of a button. You can also head over to your nearest electronic store and grab a 1080p HD video editing/sharing camera for under $150 – a worthy investment for any business.


To make the process of uploading brand videos easier, many business owners with iPhones are using Viddy, a free app that functions like Twitter for video. Users can film an HD video on their iPhone and the Viddy app allows them to edit the video down to the allotted 15 seconds and post it to their brand profile page. Each video can be shared across the channel on all of your business’ Social Media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, and yes, YouTube.


We hope this helps you in your decision to use YouTube for your business. The technology has become user-friendly yet many may still hold apprehension towards starting a video marketing campaign, unsure if they can execute it successfully. If that’s the case, consult an authority on Social Media Marketing right away and be on your way to becoming the Martin Scorsese of your industry.

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