Best Times of the Day for Social Media Marketing

Clients often ask us if there is a best time of the day or week to focus their Social Media marketing efforts.

This week – a link shortening and tracking service – released data evidencing general trends for when the public is most active on Social Media as it corresponds to specific platforms (Twitter, etc…).  Theoretically, by focusing on these high traffic times, businesses can increase the likelihood that their efforts – content and link posting – will see results via higher click through rates and conversion.

We thought we’d share this data with you, indicating the best times of the day (EST) to focus on three key Social Media platforms while providing implications for your business in the process:


  • Twitter – Most activity between 1 and 3pm Monday through Thursday. Least activity after 8pm (Monday to Thursday) and any time after Friday 3pm until Monday morning.
  • Facebook – Most activity between 1 and 4pm with a peak on Wednesdays at 3pm. Least activity after 8pm and on the Weekends.
  • Tumblr – This popular blogging site shows dramatically different results. Tumblr is most active after 4pm, especially at 7pm, with a weekly peak on Friday evening.

Implications for Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing Efforts

1. Go with the Flow

You should concentrate a significant portion of your efforts during the prescribed times. The traffic is there, so it makes sense. This is especially true if your product/service appeals to the general public versus a very specific niche.

2. Go Against the Grain

While we do suggest targeting a good portion of your efforts during the Social Media spikes of activity, there is something to be said about staying active as a brand during the “off” hours. When you post content during high traffic times there is a lot of competition vying for the public’s attention. During downtimes, there are fewer consumers on the network but you have a better shot at getting their attention and engaging them in conversation. You may be the only one in your industry online with them at the same time.

3. Follow Your Customer’s Habits First

Every business should recognize their customer demographics and perform their own industry specific research before following broad generalizations. For example, if you are in the nightclub promotions industry, then you may see a higher spike in Social Media customer engagement on the weekends. Each Social Media platform has analytics available that will show brands the activity of their consumer following.

4. Schedule

You may not have the time to be online and engaged with your customers during the times set forth in the recent data study but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Use Hootsuite to pre-schedule posts during the spikes of activity and send out live posts when you have the time.


Again, your customers may have a unique demographic make-up so always be wary of generalizations. A strong social media scheduling strategy will find a balance between industry data and your own goals.


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