Why Your Business Should Be Sweet On HootSuite

Every week it seems like we’re turning you on to yet another content sharing social network that your business should use to augment its brand presence and get new customers. We can almost hear the collective sighs from outside of our office doors – “Another one???”

True, it can feel like a daunting task to maintain multiple social media accounts for your business and with recent data evidencing that every network is accompanied by dramatically differing demographics and times of the day that each social network is most active, you could easily fill entire days of the week attempting to optimize your marketing efforts towards them all. But who has the time for that? Enter HootSuite – a Vancouver BC based tech company that takes the burden of your social media and content  scheduling and streamlines it into one convenient platform.

Here is what HootSuite can do to ease your social media / content marketing efforts:

1. Add Multiple Social Networks

HootSuite allows you to add your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts (among others)  and recently added  Instagram to its growing Social network support platform and will be adding others such as Blogger to the mix soon. This allows your business the ability to coordinate social media marketing into one convenient place.

2. Add Multiple Business Apps

Popular business applications such as SlideShare have also now been integrated into HootSuite and they will be adding others such as Yammer in the near future. This allows businesses to streamline and enhance their ability to share presentations and other business applications amongst staff, investors, and prospective B2B customers.

3. Pre-scheduling

In addition to streamlining all of your business’ social media networks and business applications into one place, HootSuite allows you to pre-schedule tweets, posts, and releases into the future. For those that don’t have the time to revisit their content sharing networks every day (or every hour) of the week, or simply forget to do so, this is the most efficient tool on HootSuite. You can pre-schedule activity months in advance.

4. HootSuite’s Mobile App

For business owners on the go, the HootSuite mobile app is a favorable option with an incredibly easy to use dashboard. You can schedule your tweets, posts, and releases while standing in line at the bank, local coffee shop, or anywhere else you have to pass the time.

5. HootSuite Upgrades

Many of HootSuite’s features are free and for the most part small to medium businesses will get along fine with the basic account. However if you would like to add other members of your company as administrators, take advantage of HootSuite Social Analytics, or manage unlimited social profiles and networks such as Google+ via HootSuite, then you may want to consider HootSuite Pro or HootSuite Enterprise upgrades.


Using HootSuite can take a tremendous load off of your back with regards to social networking and content sharing. While it varies depending on how important these marketing strategies are to your business, we recommend selecting one day of the week and devoting at least one hour towards prescheduling of tweets, posts, and releases for your multiple networks. Don’t forget to still check-in daily to see if you’ve had any responses to your efforts in the form of retweets, likes, comments, messages, or better yet – requests for more information. The whole purpose of this after all is to get more customers. HootSuite simply allows you to better maintain that effort.


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