Online Shopping and Google Analytics in Real Life

Last week the Google Analytics team re-released a small series of videos to visually express the frustrations felt by online shoppers attempting to navigate through a gauntlet of poorly optimized homepages, search functions, shopping carts, and websites in general. With only 8 / 9 days (depending upon your perspective) left until retail bliss reaches its annual conclusion (Christmas / Boxing Day) I thought it timely to share these Google produced videos with you all here. It may or may not be too late to fix your website now to accommodate your online customers before December 25/26th but it will give you something to plan for in the New Year ahead.

1. Is Your Online Search Function Lost?

This video expresses a frustration felt by many of us when attempting to use the search function on a website that doesn’t have its data in order. It is important to understand that your customers may search for something using a string of words different that you imagine. Google provides a wealth of information on what to look for within your analytics regarding your website’s search in this Five Questions To Ask Your Site Search Data article.

2. Is Your Landing Page a Land of Confusion?

People should be able to find what they are looking for when arriving at your website without being overly distracted by mixed messages and offers diverting them from their original intention. Sure “you may also like” features have helped many of us discover hidden treasures and “reminded” us to buy things we forgot we “needed” from time to time but leave that to the more tactful pros like Amazon and save your customers the hassle or they may end up leaving before they fill their shopping cart with the intended purchase. Read this article from Google on ways to Improve  the Performance of Your Landing Pages.

3. Does Your Online Check-Out Make Customers Want To Leave?

This hilarious depiction of online check-out hell conjures up emotions within many of us. Who hasn’t experienced at least one, if not all, of these ridiculous scenarios when attempting to purchase an item online? I can’t count how many times I’ve navigated my way right up to the check-out portion of the online purchase only to roll my eyes and close my virtual wallet and head to the nearest brick & mortar to deal with a real person in a real store. By understanding Google recommendations regarding goals and funnels you can better direct an online shopper through the process to ensure they make that all-important purchase.

Conclusion – Try to separate yourself from yourself and visit your website through fresh eyes (a customer for your product/service that is completely unfamiliar with your website) and see if you it leads you down the path you want it to – towards a completed purchase. For a professional and honest persprective, please do not hesitate to contact our internet marketing company to see if your website is optimized to enhance the online shopper experience or if it instead mirrors Google’s brief sitcom like snippets of Online Shopping and Google Analytics in Real Life, with or without the dry british wit.


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