Google+ Shames Naysayers by Surpassing Twitter in Active Monthly Users



I browse the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) every morning when I step into the office. SEJ is an authoritative online source of “breaking news” in the world of Internet Marketing. Sometimes I’m able to grab some great tidbits of information that will help me better serve clients in their SEO and Social Media marketing strategies. Sometimes they provide me with inspiration for a new blog post. On this week in particular one of their contributors certainly provided me with some great fodder, but perhaps not in the manner that SEJ likely hoped for. It began with an infographic that was posted on SEJ titled R.I.P. – Top 10 Failed Social Media Sites. The infographic listed Google+ as one of these failures. I can tell you right this moment that this infographic is a FAIL in itself and by SEJ allowing it to be posted, even with the SEJ disclaimer “The views of contributors are their own, and not necessarily those of SEJ” is akin to a tabloid posting a blatantly false story about a celebrity while claiming no responsibility for it.


Someone hasn’t been doing their homework

However, I let that one go without launching into a soap-box tirade on Social Media myself. That was until this AM when I went back on SEJ and saw them post the Social Network statistics for year-end 2012 with the title Google+ Surpasses Twitter to Become Second Largest Social Network. Well, which is it? Rhetorical question – Google+ is one of the biggest success stories of both 2012 and will be in 2013. Take that to the proverbial bank and feel free to spend it before the check clears.


According to the Global Web Index Google+ has now surpassed Twitter and the rest, with the exception of Facebook, in active monthly users. As of December 2012 Google+ has 343 million global users. As far as Facebook’s perceived superiority goes I admit they indeed dominate Social Media, but Google+ with its search engine implication is the evolution of Social Networking and in this author’s opinion Google+ is better for long term business strategy than Facebook.

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Welcome to the first entry of our “Top 10 Failed Infographics of 2013”


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