5 Fingered Attack to Get on Google Page One


Google Page One isn’t what it used to be. In the past it read like a one column classified page of your local newspaper. Visualizing where your website would fit in within the search results was clear cut. Now it’s a little schizophrenic. Depending on a search query, a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) can look like a teenager’s scrapbook. There may be a combination of traditional lines of linked text, pictures, videos, a map, and alternative search suggestions delivered on the SERP that you had no idea existed.

While the SERPs of 2013 may appear messy, they present your website with the opportunity to rank well in a variety of areas. If done right, your website could end up on Google Page One for multiple search results. At the very least, you may find your strength in ranking well one area (e.g. video) and take full advantage of that opportunity. However, in the spirit of “having it all” here is the 5 Fingered Attack to Get on Google Page One:

1. Traditional Organic Results

Getting on Google Page One here is accomplished through standard SEO best practices. Maintaining a website with useful, original, and frequently updated content complete with an inbound linking and Social Networking strategy will do the trick. This of course is not as easy as it may sound, but that’s why you follow this website marketing blog in the first place. Keep it up!

2. Google Map Results

Make sure that your business has a Google+ Page which allows you to set up a Google+ Local listing. When you create your Google+ Page Google asks you to verify your physical place of business by requesting a PIN. After the request is made, you will be snail mailed a postcard (with the PIN) to verify that your business is indeed located at the address you claimed on your Google+ Page. Once you receive this PIN you will add it to your Google+ Page which will create a Google+ Local existence and “put you on the map” literally and figuratively. Your website may now may be on Google Page One for traditional organic results AND have a place on the map. Look at you!

3. Image Search Results

I find myself encouraging clients from all industries to use the camera on their smartphone like they were reporters “on the beat”, because they are. Brand Journalism is a big part of website marketing in 2013 and having a massive database of images to support your brand content is imperative to success in this strategy. People respond to imagery and because of this more and more people are including image search in their search practices. They will click through the links attached to the most attractive (and relevant) pictures on a SERP. For example, someone searching for luxury real estate on Maui may prefer to incorporate image search in their query. Now an agent may have a completely keyword optimized website but not have one optimized image of luxury real estate on Maui. A wealthy prospect who has placed an emphasis on image search will not find the otherwise optimized real estate agent and thus a potentially lucrative customer may have been lost. Incorporate many optimized (file name, description, title) and original images related to your product/service on your website. You may now be on Google Page One for traditional, map, and image results. Looking good!

4. Video Search Results

Like images, including video into your website’s content mix allows you yet another option to rank well for something that garners a greater click-through rate. Imagine if that real estate agent hoping to rank well for luxury real estate on Maui now incorporated a high-resolution 30 second video showcasing a condo listing along the sweeping shores of Ka’anapali. If I’m in the market, I’m contacting that guy/gal ASAP. Set up a YouTube Channel (owned by Google) for your website and started filming. Now we’re talking Google Page One for traditional, map, image, and video? You’re a star!

5. News Search Results

News gets picked up by Google when coming from trusted media outlets (like an online version of your area’s local newspaper) so it’s a good idea to get in the good graces with local press by being open (and honest) with them regarding any public interest developments related to your industry without pushing your agenda on them – they may reward you with an online mention in return. Otherwise your brand content strategy can still take advantage of the News filter on a SERP. You may consider using a Press Release Distribution service like MarketWire. Press Release distribution won’t directly help your search ranking BUT it can put your website in front of the eyes of anyone searching for news related to your business which can impact long term search in a round-about way. If you have a knack for finding and writing valuable public interest stories that relate to your brand you can also submit your articles directly to Google if they follow Google News Guidelines. Pull this last one off and you’ve got the whole 5 Fingered Attack to Get on Google Page One enchilada – traditional, map, image, video, and news. Stop the Press!

I expect SERP’s to get more even more integrated in the near future so it’s time for your website to step up to the plate and prepare to serve the online public what they are looking for – everything.

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