Bite Size Content for Social Media


I’m in the website marketing game for a living. Regardless, I still feel the clock-ticking crunch when it’s time to post my Social Media updates. So believe me when I say that I understand that you, my clients and readers from other industries, feel that you have even less time to devote to Social Networking efforts. You need to focus on your business, I get it. But I’m not going to let you off the hook.

I’m going to skip the long speech about how important Social Networking has become for business hoping to develop and maintain a powerful online presence. You know that by now. If not, I have some print advertising to sell you from a newspaper serving the swamplands population of Florida. For those of you that indeed accept the necessity of Social Network marketing for your brand yet simply feel that you do not have the time to undertake a successful social campaign, I have some real advice for you.

Use these Bite Size Content Marketing tips to maximize your brand’s Social Network campaign in the shortest amount of time:

1. Post Pictures to Minimize Text Required on Updates

Using pictures as the primary focus of your Social Media updates reduces the amount of time you must spend coming up with a clever way to communicate your message with text. The new Facebook News Feed has made the use of images all that more important so not only does this practice serve as a “short cut” in your Social Media update strategy, it is the most engaging way to interact with your fans/followers. One eye-catching image combined with a quick comment and a link to your website (where relevant) is all that it takes. Be sure to have a Pinterest and Instagram account to serve as your picture platform and connect these profiles to your other Social Networks for a “one touch” solution to using pictures to update your networks across the board.

2. Swing Fast with Vine

Remember Viddy? Probably not. It’s still around but I haven’t opened my own Viddy app in the last 365 days. Viddy was cool, but who has time to view an entire 15 second video?? Enter Vine. Vine is the ultimate video-centric social sharing tool to satiate the pathetic attention spans that us as online consumers have today. Apparently the average person has an eight second attention span for online content. The creators of Vine (now the number one selling app in America) knew this and delivered a product that allows users (brands included) to share six second video content that loops repeatedly. Seven seconds is too close to the cusp and five is simply not enough. Six? Perfect! As a brand, you can either film (w/your smartphone) your product/service in use or provide interesting peeks into your corporate culture (a la The Office) and immediately upload the snippets onto your Social Networks with no explanation required. Quick, easy, and severely engaging – when done right.

3. Share When You Don’t Have Time to Create

Running from one meeting to the next? Powering down your laptop as directed by the flight attendant before departing to close a deal? Don’t let these pressing matters prevent you from posting. If you don’t have the time to upload media, simply take a quick look at the news feeds of your Social Networks and share the most engaging content you can find provided by those that you are following, when it relates to your business. Although the content does not originate from you, sharing prevents your profile from being devoid of content for the day. All that this particular bite size tip requires is that you “set the table” in advance by following profiles that provide relevant (to your brand) and engaging content themselves.

4. Update on-the-go via Mobile Apps

This point may be obvious by now considering that a couple of the bite size content sharing tools mentioned above are only available in mobile app format anyways. Nonetheless I find myself constantly reminding the very same clients that declare they don’t have a moment to spare on Social Networking that the best way to post these recommended snippets is by doing it all on-the-fly from their mobile devices. Download the mobile apps for Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, HootSuite, and Facebook Pages. For Android users, things got a whole lot easier with today’s release of the Facebook Phone Home. Once you have these apps you can post the above bite sized content while waiting in line at Starbucks, while avoiding awkward silences in long elevator rides, and while brushing your teeth before bed.

Technology has not only delivered us a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and engage consumers through Social Media, it has provided us with a way to do it quickly so that it doesn’t take a big bite out of our time. Post bite size content for Social Media and be on your way.


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