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There are times where I’m cautious in using this blog to talk about Google+. Even though Google+ now boasts approximately 350 million global users it is still without question one of the biggest untapped resources for SEOs and brands managing a website. My trepidation here is that I may spoil the party for myself and the select few that understand the power of Google+. I have had so many conversations with individuals in the “SEO business” that don’t even have a complete Google+ Profile and to be honest it makes me smirk inside as in “I know something you don’t know”. However, I have promised to use this website marketing blog for the greater good (I’m kind of like a superhero in that way) and so I have another tidbit to add to my constant promotion of Google+ as the ultimate SEO tool – Google+ links are DoFollow and they are indexed right away.

Without going into great detail about the concept of “DoFollow” and “NoFollow” (just Google it) all you need to know is that if you want valuable links pointing to your website then you need to be sure those links are “DoFollow”. You can download this Firefox NoDoFollow tool to check for yourself.

What’s funny is that you can go on Google right now and search “Google Plus links are NoFollow” and you’ll find article upon article by “SEOs” (using big air quotations here folks) crying about how Google+ made links posted on Google+ Pages to be NoFollow as of January 2013. No, they didn’t.

Instead, Google made links that were sloppily plopped into a post NoFollow, but if your links are placed into the post using the URL link tool, they indeed remain to be valuable DoFollow links – on a social network with a Page Rank of 9 (that’s a good thing).


But that’s not it. Inside your profile under the “About” section Google+ allows you to list “Links” that are of interest to you. These “Links” are also “DoFollow” links and you are even given the option to label these links with anchor text. It’s true that we don’t know the exact value that Google places on an individual Google+ profile BUT it’s a Google product – it’s safe to say that they give it some weight. The better (optimized w/great content) your profile, the more valuable the links.


Finally, to reiterate another point that I stated in the introduction of this article and within a previous article that I wrote about why Google+ Is Better than Facebook, you should post your new content using the Google+ URL link tool immediately on your Google+ Page before any other network. When you do so, it indexes the content right away (relatively) instead of waiting for Google to crawl your website and discover it on its own which can take a long time depending on how well optimized your website is.

Have I finally convinced you to start using Google+ every single day? Good. If not, that’s good too – more SEO for the rest of us (sorry, that was a little petty of me).

However, to make sure we don’t scare off Google from maintaining these DoFollow links on Google+ please heed these rules below, otherwise Google may indeed change the way they offer up this tremendous link opportunity.

How Not to Ruin the Party when Posting Google Plus Links:

  • Create your Google Authorship to prove ownership of original content
  • Post only original, interesting, engaging, and useful content (do not spam Google for goodness sake)
  • Include media (photos, videos) with your posts. The URL link tool will “pull” an image along with the link as long as the media was imbedded properly within the original content on your website
  • Don’t post multiple times throughout the day simply to build links on Google+. If it’s not timely, don’t post it
  • Add an engaging comment (no social network broadcasting) to introduce the link so that Google does not see it as “link dropping”. This also encourages engagement with the user (most important)

You’re welcome to share this article on your own Google+ Page – unless of course you feel we should keep this fantastic tool a secret a little longer while your competition muddles around all day on Facebook?

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