Google Plus Circles Put You Closer to Kevin Bacon

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The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon concept suggests that any two people on earth are within six links away from one another through acquaintances. The concept was created by a trio of college dorm roommates (undoubtedly after a few beverages) in the early 90’s and fast became a pop-culture phenomenon. I’ve tested the theory myself on many occasions and without fail it works. If one was to dive further down the rabbit-hole we could attribute the entire Social Networking model to this very concept and now, with the power of Google+, we are all that much closer to one another, Kevin Bacon included.

So what does this have to do with your website? Everything. I’ve been an adamant Google+ advocate on this blog since the beginning. From Google+ DoFollow links to Google Authorship everything that takes place on the Google+ platform impacts search. The most powerful component of it all involves Google Plus Circles.

Let’s say you manage a vacation property rental business in Hawaii and you have a Google+ Page optimally set up for your website. If you achieve a reciprocal Circle connection on Google+ with an acquaintance in Florida and they interact with you (comment on, share, or +1 posts) on Google+ their search (while signed into Google) will forever be impacted by the Circle connection. If they ever search “vacation rental Hawaii” they will be more than likely to find your website on a search engine results page (SERP). But if they already know you, who cares right? Well, now let’s say they have an acquaintance in New York that they have connected with via Google+ Circles (with no direct connection between you and the person in New York). If this New Yorker interacts with the Floridian on Google+ their search will be skewed by the connection. Because the Floridian’s search is impacted by their connection to you, the New Yorker’s search is then impacted accordingly as well. Therefore, if the New Yorker one day searches “vacation rentals in Hawaii” they are now more likely to find your website. Do you need me to explain what happens with the New Yorker’s Google+ Circle connection in Seattle? You get the idea.

Granted, the process does get watered down as the indirect path grows. It also depends upon the extent that the individuals within the Circles engage one another in addition to whether or not users are signed into their Google accounts. But with Google Plus’ approximate 350 million users can your website afford to miss out on this opportunity to connect with your integrated web of customers within?

Here are 5 quick tips to build your Google Plus Circles:

  1. Make sure your Google+ Page is 100% complete
  2. Actively prospect new potential customers on Google+ and add them to your Circles daily
  3. Always accept and reciprocate Follows from others (this isn’t Facebook, let the creeps Follow you too – it can positively impact search!)
  4. Engage (comment on, share, and +1 their posts) those in your Circles every day
  5. Post link bait on your Google+ Page every day

Conclusion – Are you looking to improve your position on Google search? Do you want your customers to find your website before that of your competition? Or are you simply looking to get one degree closer to Kevin Bacon himself? Building your Google Plus Circles will help you achieve your goal.

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