What the Super Bowl Can Teach Your Business About Social Media Marketing

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The Super Bowl has long been the biggest TV marketing opportunity of the entire year for big brands. Over the last couple of years this annual sporting event has meant big business for internet marketing as well, in particular for brands active on social media channels. This is no secret. So what does this have to do with your small to medium business with a marketing budget and social media following that isn’t even in the same league as the brands you will see flooding the web on Super Bowl Sunday? Let’s look at couple of recent examples to see how they translate to your day to day social network marketing initiatives.

What Your Business Can Learn from Super Bowl Social Media Marketing

Oreo Cookies – Getting There First

For all of the money that was dumped into scripted and scheduled social media marketing campaigns to complement multi-million dollar 30 second spots one brand dominated the 2013 Super Bowl with one impromptu Tweet. OREO apparently had their web team watching the event unfold with creative contingency plans to respond to a live event. When the lights unexpectedly went out in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome of New Orleans they Tweeted this now famous message/image within 11 minutes:
The Tweet was immediately ReTweeted and Favorited by thousands upon thousands. All it took was a swift witty response, a simple graphic, and within minutes the online world was engaged while internet marketing media and business insiders were colored impressed. So what’s your takeaway? Your business needs to be locked and loaded and ready to respond on social networks to events related to your business in your area.

Be the first “on the scene” so that when people take to Twitter to search #hashtags targeted to address a local event they will find your Tweet at the top of the chain. Let me use a similar situation on a far smaller scale as an example for a Realtor. Let’s say there is a power outage in your client-base neighborhood. Residents will use their mobile devices to check social networks to find out what’s going on. Your job as someone capitalizing on this “now” event would be to address the issue on the same networks. Perhaps you were swift enough to get in touch with the local hydro company to find out what happened and when the power will be up again. Either way, responding in kind to local current/immediate events is a smart social media marketing strategy for local businesses and getting there first, is everything.

2014 Hashtag-Bowl

For Super Bowl XLVIII MarketingLand and HootSuite have teamed up for what will now likely be an annual Hashtag Bowl. The Hashtag Bowl will measure how many times brand commercials will make reference to their social network profiles during the course of the 2014 Super Bowl. If Pepsi mentions “Follow Pepsi’s Instagram for Contest Submissions” a point is deposited in the Instagram “bracket”. The social network with the most points wins the Hashtag Bowl, and the brand referencing the most networks will gain accolades as the most socially connected brand during the biggest social media marketing day of the year. Again, what’s your takeaway? If you don’t let the public know that your individual social network profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…) exist via your other communication channels then your social media reach won’t grow. From displaying linked icons on your website to detailing your social network profile identifiers on billboard/print/radio/TV advertising and even on business cards you will grow your audience.

I’ll be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday and following the brands live on social networks to witness the creative ways they reach their customer base. Hopefully your customers will be doing the same for you during the remaining 364 days of the year.

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