How to Get More Followers on Your Google Plus Business Page – 10 Easy Tips


Google+ is a unique beast. It’s the social network that is not a social network. In one moment you’re hearing of its demise and in the next it is being heralded as the only social media outlet that has any true SEO value for a business. All of the above are apt except for the “demise” part, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Because of this confusion held by brands they understand little about whether or not they should dedicate resources to building their Google+ Page and if so, how to go about increasing their following. You should indeed be doing all that you can to grow your brand on Google+ and thankfully it is far easier to gain followers on Google+ than on the likes of Facebook, if you follow the steps detailed below.

10 Easy Tips to Getting More Followers on Your Google+ Business Page

1. Complete Your Profile

Assume that your profile is being inspected at this very moment. Are you presenting your brand profile in the best light? Is your Story (tag line and introduction) complete? Is your website verified so that users know that they are viewing the legitimate page associated with your brand? Do you have both a logo and high-resolution background header? Show that you have nothing to hide so that users find you, and follow you.

2. Post Original Content Daily

The next thing that users will look at is whether or not your brand page is active. If you haven’t posted anything in days or weeks they won’t bother to return to your page much less follow you. I would dare to say that most brand pages on Google+ are not updated weekly or monthly at all so you gain an advantage against your competitors by being among the select few that update their Google+ page daily. Post engaging, interesting, and useful content on Google+ everyday. The content mix should range from links back to articles on your website (your blog) and original bite size content created solely for your social media. Be sure to use a combination of traditional textual content together with media-rich pieces such as memes, infographics, and video.

3. Share Great Content from Others…but not Big Brand Content

With a strong profile and daily updates coming directly from your brand users will see that your page is an active one. However they need to feel that your page is not just about churning out self-serving content. They need to see that your page is also interested in sharing the content of others (them!) with your existing audience. Be sure to share the posts of individuals and small-medium business pages that are related to but not competing with your business. Don’t take the easy path by sharing the content of big brands with a huge following. They (big businesses) won’t notice that you made the effort while other users will assume that you are not connecting to the “little guy” and will in turn neglect to follow you.

4. Use One or Two Hashtags When Adding Comments to Your Post

Until you have a large following you need to get your content in the eyes of users on Google+. You will want to incorporate one or two relevant hashtags into each of your posts. Google+ automatically adds hashtags that they feel match the content you’ve posted but don’t let them make that “best guess”. Dictate how your posts should be seen by the audience searching for those “keywords” within Google+. The more discoverable your content is the more likely that users interested in that content will follow your Google+ page.

5. Create Relevant Circles Before Following

Before you embark on a mission to follow people and pages on Google+ (the steps detailed below) be sure to set up your Circles. Circles are a very effective tool that allow you to connect to users on Google+. Having your Circles in order also encourages users to follow you back when they see that you have taken the time to categorize them within the network. For example, if you are a Laguna Beach real estate professional and you have added a local interior designer to a Circle labeled “Orange County interior designers” they are much more likely to follow you back than if you simply “followed” them, which appears more spammy in intention.

6. Only Follow Those with Complete Profiles

If someone hasn’t taken the time to complete their own Google+ profile then they are not very engaged in the social network. If you see a profile devoid of photos, real names, and information then pass it by – they won’t follow you back.

7. Only Follow Those that Post No Less Than Three Times Per Week

You may see a few completed profiles but if they are not on average posting at least three times per week then they don’t spend enough time on Google+ to warrant following them. They simply won’t follow back and you will only create an off-balance following to followers ratio for your page.

8. Only Follow Those that Express Interests Related to Your Business

Don’t start following anyone and everyone in the hopes of building your network. Users that you follow should have expressed interest in your general field so that they are more likely to engage you when you post, and you will be better equipped to contribute to conversations that they start on Google+. For example, a travel agent will want to keep an eye out for users that frequently post photos of their travels, favorite vacation spots, and share articles that hint at wanderlust.

9. Join and Participate Within Communities

Request to join Communities on Google+ that you feel relate to your business. This provides a gathering place where which you may inject valuable insight into ongoing conversations. By doing so people and other pages within these Communities will begin to follow you once they see that you are an authority on a topic that they are interested in.

10. Engage Those You Follow with +1’s, Shares, and Comments

This is an extension of step #3 above but bears further embellishment. Your brand page must engage users on Google+ everyday. +1, share, and comment upon the posts of those that you are already connected to (so that they do not un-follow you), those within Communities that you have recently joined, and those that you come across while searching relevant topics on Google+. When they see that you have taken the time to check out their content and boost the visibility of it on your own news feed they will become loyal followers.

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