Website Restoration – Is it Time for a Custom Rebuild in the SEO Garage?

Custom Website Restoration

Website performance and analysis is analogous to so many scenarios. It’s one of the things that us content marketing bloggers thrive on when relating our concepts to business owners in need of help when it comes to their websites. So when I recently attended a classic car show I knew I had my next excuse to reach out and appeal to the masses of small to medium businesses. You see at the car show I was the odd man out, overhearing old timers talking about gaskets, grills, and fuel injection kits. The smallest things unbeknownst to the untrained eye (mine) could render their classic beauties a jalopy. In the spirit of the season of the show n shine let’s break things down into classic gear-head terms and determine whether not your website is in desperate need of a visit to your local SEO garage for a complete restoration.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Website Needs an Immediate Custom Restoration

1. It’s Too Slow to Keep Pace – Poor Site Speed

If your website’s homepage load time is passed the seven second mark then you have no hope of competing against your competitors who are cruising along the consumer information highway. Dig into the Google developer toolbox and performing a site speed analysis here.

2. It’s Not Safe on the SEO Roadmap – Dangerous Backlink Profile

If you’ve used a bad SEO mechanic in the past or are currently stuck with one at the moment then you may very well have a bad backlink profile. These greasy individuals promise to fix your website performance via link building yet do so by adding your website to irrelevant directories, link farms, and buying anchor text space with shady webmasters all over the world. This black hat practice makes your website unsafe for the road with the ever present fear of being pulled over by the Google webspam patrol looming in the rearview mirror. Google will hit you with a manual penalty and impound your site, dropping your rank so far away from Page One that you may as well start a whole new site if you ever wish to get back on the road. If you suspect that your SEO team hasn’t been playing by the rules under the hood then your first order of business is to find a reputable one that does. They can perform a backlink analysis and begin the repair process to make your site safe from being curbed by Google.

3. It’s Not Being Invited to Show ‘n’ Shine – Antiquated Site Design

Your site may keep up in speed and have built up a strong domain authority over the years but if your analytics evidences a visitor (customer) bounce rate through the roof with laughable referral traffic you may be in need of a rebuild. Visitors might be looking at your site and deciding not to bother with another glance based upon aesthetics alone. If your site design and architecture was developed over 4 years ago (which makes it a “classic” in the eyes of online consumers) then you likely need to bring it in for a custom redesign to make it shine for the big show where the marketplace resides.

4. Missing Parts – No Content and No Call to Action

Your site won’t perform well enough to bring in organic traffic or have webmasters link to you if it has missing parts in the form of informative, engaging, and media-rich content. Content is the oil and gas that drives your online vehicle and thus your website must be consistently fed the premium variety if it hopes to get from point A to B (where your customers are). However great content alone isn’t enough to make the difference if you want customers to bid at the “auction”. If you are driving visitors to your website with content you need to include the right mix of Calls to Action to get them to buy. Strategically placed contact/estimate forms, immediate redemption offers, and so forth will add the necessary components to get customers to start a bidding war for your product/service.

5. It’s not Mobile – Responsive Design

Last but most definitely not least is the ability of your website to be mobile friendly. If your site is not modified for those “on the go”, adapting in interface and functionality for smartphones and tablets, then it may as well be parked in some dark boneyard somewhere. Customers won’t give it the time of day. Bring your site in for responsive mobile design right away.

If your site is in need of any of the above (I hope not all of them?) then you need to pull on in to the website restoration garage for a custom rebuild today, before it ends up on blocks.

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