4 Reasons Why Google’s Matt Cutts Taking a Vacation is NOT News

Matt Cutts Takes a Vacation

Trust me, I understand the irony of publishing an article about how Google’s Matt Cutts is taking a vacation is not news worthy, so please let it slide and bear with me. Last week the head of the Google webspam team gave notice that he was taking a leave of absence that would lead until October 2014. Of course the web blew up with reports on this “news” leaving SEOs and other online marketers chattering about what it all means. Matt’s reasoning for taking this extended vacation was not a prolific one. It had something to do wanting to spend more time with his wife. I really don’t care. In fact I didn’t even bother reading beyond the first paragraph of any article on the matter because it simply does not matter.

If you manage a website for your business your SEO or content marketer may bring up this non-news to you at some point over the summer. If they do I urge you to hush them with a finger to the lip, shake your head in a disappointed manner, and have them go fetch you a latte. If they persist, simply quote the following four points.

4 Reasons Why Google’s Matt Cutts’ Vacation Has No Impact on Your Website

1. If Your Website is Honest the Webspam Team Doesn’t Have a Case

Matt Cutts is nothing more than a guy running around playing Junior G-Man for the Google police force. This police force is of no concern to you if you are managing your website in an honest manner, without attempting to game the system to get on Page One. If your website marketing plan is devoid of obsessive keyword stuffing, link buys, duplicate content curation (theft), and other devious tactics then nothing that goes on over at the webspam office affects you.

2. If You’re Serving Your Online Customers You’ll Be Successful Despite Webspam Algorithms

If you do things the right way by simply delivering what your online customers want and need from your website marketing strategy then you can forget all about Google, their resident finger shaker, and their cutely monikered algorithms such as Panda. Create useful, engaging, and consistent content for your customers without obsessing over exact match keywords and unnatural link building and you’ll be fine.

3. He Lies to You…Sort Of

OK, stating that Matt Cutts lies to you may be an ever so slight exaggeration but that (exaggerating) is exactly what he does himself. Matt is constantly criticized for speaking in half-truths and for exaggerating the impact of some of their algorithm updates while downplaying others. It wasn’t too long ago that Matt stated that we can “expect PageRank to go away a little bit”, a statement that was immediately followed by a major PageRank update that impacted countless of websites, likely yours included. Matt is the face of Google for many of you so it is his job to make grandiose affirmations. If we’re free of that for the rest of the summer then you can join me in enthusiastically waving “Bon Voyage Matt” before returning to not caring about him.

4. He’s Just a Man

Again, Matt Cutts is just a Google figurehead running around with a badge that allows him to post YouTube videos on behalf of the webspam team. In his defense even he himself will tell you to stop worrying about the very algorithm updates he is announcing (or not announcing) and to just focus on delivering great content for your online customers. Nothing changes in Matt’s absence. The webspam team, their algorithms, and mandates are still working in full force around the clock with or without him. There are even rumors that Matt left Google years ago and that we are just seeing a virtual version of him online and a hologram speaking at SMX. OK, I made that last part up to make this restated point – it simply does not matter that Matt Cutts is taking a vacation.

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