5 Best Video Apps for Your Business


There is no doubt that video has become a major part of the online content marketing mix of many successful and socially connected businesses. The start of the summer alone has seen Facebook make a major update to better promote video on their network. Both Facebook and Google have been ramping up their push for video content because their internal studies indicate that users demand it, responding positively to brands that deliver engaging video. Many small to medium businesses understand this fact yet have deemed it not quite practical to hire a professional videographer or even invest in the equipment much less expensive editing software and/or services. However these methods are simply not necessary to start engaging your existing and prospective audience with video. All you need is your smartphone and tablet and you can install the following applications to begin making your branded mark with short film.

5 Best and Easy to Use Apps for Businesses Looking to Boost their Content Marketing Strategy with Video

1. iMovie

I use iMovie because I’m completely useless when it comes to the knowledge and skill required to edit the videos that I take with my smartphones and my iPad. Many business owners are in the same boat as me which is why I’m recommending this app. Within minutes of installing iMovie I was uploading, editing, and adding soundtracks to my short video clips like a pro. It allowed me to channel my inner Scorsese (minus the eyebrows) and gain confidence in my ability to use video as a major part of my content marketing initiatives. You’ll have to cash-in your iTunes gift card from last Christmas for this one as it is not a free app, but at $4.99 it’s worth it. (iPhone/iPad)

2. Vine

By now I’m hoping that all of you are well aware of Vine. This popular video app Twitter tie-in plays six second loops of video and is perfect for those businesses with product/service uses that can be conveyed in an eye-catching short snippet. It is also great for businesses that take to showcasing their own corporate persona (CEO video/sound-bites, etc…) to engage their audience on social media. (iPhone/iPad/Android)

3. Instagram

Instagram hasn’t been just about photos since they added video to their offering almost a year ago today. I prefer Instagram video to Vine because it allows more breathing room at 15 seconds – there is a lot less pressure to convey a tone or deliver an engaging branded message with a longer window of opportunity. (iPhone/iPad/Android)

4. Horizon

Have you ever shot video with your mobile device only to find the end result does not display the landscape orientation that you wanted and/or the scene is left crooked? Of course you have. Opportunities for videos that you can use on your brand’s social channels come up at the most unexpected of times, possibly at an event that your business is involved in. You don’t have the time to set up a tripod and plan the scene when something occurs worth sharing via video. You simply grab for your smartphone or tablet and start shooting. While the scenario may be perfect for sharing the orientation is deemed not professional enough to deliver to your audience in a timely fashion and an opportunity is lost – unless you have Horizon installed on your device. Horizon allows you to easily and instantaneously adjust the orientation of the video you just took, something that is extremely important when both quality and timing is of essence. It also comes with other video editing bells and whistles such as filters, aspect ratio altering, and the all-important social sharing capability. (iPhone/iPad)

5. Magisto

Magisto is simply a great tool for all-around video editing and as you progress with using video in your content marketing strategy, especially on social, you will want to install this application. Magisto is extremely popular and with good reason. It’s editing functions truly are fantastic, downright gorgeous if you allow me the poetic license here. What’s great about Magisto is that it also allows you to stich together still images to create a montage that plays in a video format in the event that you do not have any new videos to post on behalf of your brand. That feature is a great option for those showcasing products/services. For example, a real estate professional could create a captivating moving  collage of rooms within a featured home and have it embedded on their website and shared on all of their social networks with a link back to the listing for the home. Be careful with this app – it’s effective but downright addictive and may have you chasing filmmaking dreams as opposed to focusing on your existing business! (iPhone/iPad/Android)

I look forward to seeing your branded filmography develop in the months ahead.

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