Should You Use Vine for Your Brand? Answer These 4 Questions to Find Out

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Vine for your business

Six seconds. That may be a lot of time for bull-riding but when it comes to conveying a branded marketing message it’s not much at all. Or is it? Vine is a very popular social networking video app that ties in to Twitter. It allows users just six seconds of video played in a continuous loop for all who stop scrolling long enough to view it. All sorts of silliness can be found once you’ve installed the app, signed-up, and visited the home feed. For the most part each video you view represents six seconds of your life that you will never get back. But once in awhile there there are hidden gems that will deliver great snippets of video content that will truly engage you and perhaps even answer a query of yours in a roundabout way. Some businesses have had great success when integrating Vine into their social networking strategy. However in the grand scheme of things few brands have adopted Vine out of uncertainty as to whether or not it is worth their effort. Below I have posed four questions for you to consider. If you answer “yes” to one or more of them then I recommend that you give this easy-to-use video sharing tool a shot.

4 Questions That Will Lead You to Decide if Your Business Should Be Using Vine to Market Your Brand Online

1. Is Your Product Inherently Interesting to Look At?

This is pretty straight forward. If you make and/or sell a visually appealing product then you can benefit from Vine. For example, pictures of food are of course extremely popular on Instagram and Pinterest and because of this restaurants, bakeries, caterers, and the like flock to these networks to post pics of their goodies. You can turn it up a notch by turning to Vine. Imagine the mouthwatering video you can use to entice customers to your establishment when you showcase loops of caramel sauce being poured over top of your specialty cheesecake dessert. Online sellers like eBay and Etsy too have taken to Vine to feature products in-motion in creative ways. The possibilities are endless if you step back and envision how your product can be featured in a short video clip.

2. Can Your Service be Attractively Showcased in Short Film?

Business providing a service absolutely can reap benefits by swinging with Vine. For example, travel agents and tour operators can tell an entire story about a vacation destination in six seconds as the loop pans to different eye-catching scenes of a region. A fitness trainer can introduce a new exercise (showing proper form) each week for their Vine followers. The capability that Vine has for stitching together quick split second snippets means that you can also create compilations scenes to convey a before and after effect. For example, a classic car restoration specialist can display what a vehicle looked like when arriving at the shop in one second and then use the remaining seconds to show the car’s transformation towards mint condition completion at second six. A Realtor can stitch together snippets of what a condo looks like before home-staging and what it looks like after adding a few special touches. It is amazing what can be accomplished in such a short window when using the stitching effect of Vine.

3. Does “How To…” Apply to What You Do?

If your business can take full advantage of the “How To…” concept to the benefit of prospective customers you will do very well on Vine. Lowe’s Home Improvement has done an incredible job using this concept. They have Vine after Vine (see below) offering visual video tips for how to fix things around the home that are genius in their quick simplicity. If you can serve your own prospective customers in this manner they will embrace you for it by following you on Vine and will more than likely turn to you when it’s time to make a purchase decision.

4. Do You Have a Strong Corporate Persona?

If you or someone managing public relations for your business is the “face” of your brand then you may consider them as your official “spokesperson” on the network. You can provide a very personal touch by reaching out to your customers and delivering messages on Vine. A CEO such as Richard Branson with his charismatic antics certainly makes for a perfect candidate. You too could be that figurehead for your own business, in your own localized kind of way. However, there’s no need to just simply showcase your corporate persona with one person. Many brands on Vine show their staff in fun situations around the workspace or enjoying the likes of a corporate retreat. Vine is a great way to promote your company’s engaging personality, if it has one, and make your brand that much more likable in the public eye.

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