Nobody Uses Facebook Anymore, is a Lie

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Facebook is not dead

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“Nobody Uses Facebook Anymore”. I hear that statement nearly once per week. I hear it around the water coolers of the many offices I visit and when I’m trying to relax in a local coffee shop. I bite my tongue so much I can barely eat. But now I can simply save this recent investor relations press release direct from Facebook to my iPad and slap it down in front of the misinformed hoard of hipsters every time I see and hear them. I’m going to need a new iPad.

The reason it’s so frustrating to hear this popular-to-be-unpopular opinion is that it does have the impact of making certain businesses feel as if Facebook marketing is a total waste of time. Let’s take a look at the new evidence which suggests otherwise.

What You Need to Know About Facebook’s Second Quarter 2014 Results

Nearly a Billion Daily Active Users – As of the summer of 2014 Facebook recorded 829 million daily active users (DAU) which is a 19% increase over the same period last year.

Mobile Facebook Use Dominates – Mobile DAU averaged 654 million, a 39% increase over last year, accounting for approximately 73% of all DAU.

Well Over a Billion Monthly Active Users – Monthly Active Users (MAU) averaged 1.32 billion which represents a 14% increase from June 2013.

Businesses Are Spending Big Bucks on Facebook Advertising – Advertising revenue hit $2.68 billion, a 67% increase over last year. 62% of this revenue was spent to secure mobile advertising, which also rose from the previous year with 21% growth.

Looking Forward with a Powerful Vision – The gist of the quarterly reports’ Forward Looking Statements is pretty straight forward. Facebook intends to enhance user engagement, drive brand value to increase their advertising revenue, and continue working to improve their extremely popular mobile product. Facebook even entered the realm of virtual reality with a major deal last week. With the growth they’ve seen this year, we have absolutely no reason to doubt them.

“Our community has continued to grow, and we see a lot of opportunity ahead as we connect the rest of the world.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg


Maintain Your Facebook Brand Presence Daily – With nearly one billion Daily Active Users do you really need me to tell you where your customers are spending time online? Post interesting, original, and engaging brand content on your Facebook page every single day.

Consider Adding Facebook Advertising to Your Online Marketing Budget – Facebook advertising is extremely popular with small, medium, and large businesses because for many of them it actually gets results. With 1.32 billion Monthly Active Users why not try taking a small chunk of change out of antiquated ad spends (print, billboard, online yellow pages, etc…) and test out Facebook ads once per month? Their demographic targeting capabilities are effective in achieving a wide variety of brand goals. Options include advertising to grow your Facebook page likes, event attendance/response, referral traffic to your website, and more. With Facebook growing at such a significant rate and with so many businesses achieving their marketing goals it is at least worth considering.

Your Customers Expect it of You – Even if you have had little success with your page you will need to push forward. Consumers expect it of you. Maintaining a brand presence on Facebook has become a benchmark for which they judge businesses on. Customers will attempt to validate the worth of your business by reviewing your page. If they find that your competitors have been updating their’s daily with engaging content while you have not it will not bode well for consumer trust and your brand’s transparency in social media. Well over a billion Monthly Active Users? You need to be there.

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