Is Your Business Ready for the Facebook “Buy” Button?

Facebook BUY Button

Last month Facebook announced that they were to begin testing their newest Call to Action – a “Buy” button. Users are now beginning to see this test in play as the summer weeks progress. Of course the furious lot who think Facebook should serve as some non-profit social service are opposed to this monetization but what they are failing to see is the tremendous benefit to small/medium business. Perhaps they will one day when they attempt to open up their own gluten-free hempseed bakery stand at the local farmer’s market. A Facebook Buy button is a great idea.

The best thing any social network can do is provide users with the easiest experience possible. We all shop online. Who wouldn’t want to remove that 2nd or 3rd step to complete a purchase of a product we desire? We follow brand pages because we presumably like their product/service. If that brand posts an image w/link to an item we want, at a price exclusive to us as loyal followers, then we want the opportunity to take advantage of the offer with as little static interference as possible. Facebook is reducing that arm’s length relationship between us and the brand with the Buy button concept and so what logical consumer wouldn’t want this? As far as businesses go, the possibility of this becoming a permanent Facebook brand page feature is very exciting.

What Your Business Needs to Know About the Facebook BUY Button Test

1. It’s Currently Limited to a Small Group of Businesses – During the testing phase the Buy button is being used amongst a select group of small to medium businesses in the U.S..

2. It Will Appear on Pages and Within User News Feeds – It’s no surprise that the option will exist on the wall of brand pages. However we can safely assume that the Facebook algorithm rules of engagement apply to the presence of page posts on user news feeds – the more the user interacts with a business the more likely they will see their page posts and be exposed to this new Buy feature. Promoted posts will of course increase the reach of these purchase options as well.

3. Users Will Buy Directly From the Business Without Leaving Facebook – While this is great for Facebook, helping keep their 800,000 plus daily active users (DAU) tuned in, it is also great for us consumers. We know that the closest way to get from one place to another (complete a purchase) is to follow a straight line. The internal Buy button is that straight line.

4. Standard Payment Methods of Credit Card, Debit, and PayPal Apply – The methods of which us North Americans (Facebook’s dominating user base) are accustomed to making online purchases apply to the new Buy button.

5. Facebook Will Not Share Consumer PAYMENT Information – Facebook advertisers will not have access to a purchaser’s preferred method of payment information (assume the rest is fair game though). Users also have the option to select whether or not they would like to save their payment information for future purchases.

6. Facebook Will Share the Results of the Buy Button Test When Appropriate – Check in on the Facebook for Business news section for updates on the Buy button test.

Bring on the Buy button Facebook. It will serve to help small to medium business (gluten-free hempseed bakers included) see an ROI on their Facebook marketing efforts while making life that much easier for us eager, and logical, consumers.

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