Facebook Video Marketing Gets More Play – How Your Brand Page Should Adapt

Facebook Video Marketing Gets More Play

The summer of 2014 delivered some very impressive statistics regarding the success of video on Facebook. In a news release from Facebook this week they announced an over 50% growth in video views from May through July. One staggering figure to complement the above is that through the entire summer season there have been more than 1 billion video views on Facebook every day. 65% of these views have been on mobile. Much of the above may be attributed to the fact that Facebook launched an update in June to give users a more customized video engagement experience in their News Feed. Whatever the reason for this dramatic boost in video consumption behavior, Facebook has followed up this week with yet another series of video updates. Find out what these updates mean for your brand page by reading further.

What Your Business Should Know About the New Facebook Video Updates

1. Auto-Play Expanded to Include More Brand Page Video

Last year Facebook introduced the auto-play function for video displaying in user News Feeds. It was rolled-out in a limited capacity for testing purposes. The recent statistics clearly show the success of this year-old update and so Facebook will now expand its reach to include more brand page video as of this month (Sept 2014). This is a great add-on for brands, especially now that they have access to advertiser video metrics and premium video ads. Businesses should adapt by creating a database of video for use on Facebook.

2. Video View Count Will Now Display for Public and Page Posted Videos

Users will now be better able to gauge the popularity of a video, and make decisions to watch accordingly, with this update that displays how many views a video on Facebook has received. The update allows brands the ability to quickly identify the success of their videos while pushing them to deliver high-quality work. Nothing encourages campaign creativity and innovation better than when the success or failure of it is public-facing. Brands will need to step-up their efforts to create engaging story-telling video to reap the benefits of this marketing opportunity.

3. Increased Opportunity to Deliver a Call to Action via Video

Facebook allows brand page advertisers to include a Call to Action (CTA) which will display at the end of the video, allowing you as a brand to encourage customers to visit your website to learn more or view an offer. This is especially attractive to brands when you consider the auto-play feature which puts users closer to the CTA within a shorter time frame. You know have yet another reason to create captivating video so that users do not tap “stop” on the video or scroll away from it. You will also need to create a landing page and an offer exclusive to Facebook followers so that this CTA is more relevant to them.

4. Testing of Related Video Suggestions to Begin, with an Inevitable Conclusion

The thesis that Facebook is becoming more like Google is seeing fruition as they take on yet another Google property, YouTube, with this new test. As of this month, when a user finishes watching a video, Facebook may suggest related videos that the user may find interesting. This is under the “testing phase” so not every user will get the opportunity. However by following the pattern to date it is all but inevitable that “related videos” will become a common part of the video viewing experience on Facebook. Once again, brand pages will want to get on board with video content to take advantage of the impending opportunities.

5. The Facebook Mobile App will Remain the Focus for Video Marketing

Again, over 65% of videos viewed on Facebook occur through their mobile app. You can expect to see your brand page video perform better within it than on the desktop version. This presents an opportunity for those businesses that have yet to dial into mobile optimization for their own website with responsive design and/or have not integrated video into it to capture the consumption habits of video-hungry consumers. Facebook is allowing you to better reach these mobile customers through their platform until your own site catches up accordingly.

Now more than ever brands are encouraged to add or increase the use of video in there content marketing mix. Facebook has delivered the statistics to prove its importance and had opened up the gates to brands that are willing to join the program and include themselves in the growing viewership. Start rolling.

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