Google Penguin Algorithm Update to Run Continuously in 2015 – What Your Business Needs to Do

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Google Penguin Algorithm 2015 - Continuous Updates

News broke within the SEO industry today that online businesses will want to take very seriously. Google’s Penguin 3.0 algorithm, the boogieman under the bed of your website, will update continuously in 2015 and beyond. Some are calling it Penguin 3.X. Has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

We can’t say that we didn’t have an idea that this was coming. When the October 2014 update rolled out it was reported that a larger rewrite of the algorithm was expected in the months ahead, as opposed to the annual affair Google likes to make out of these things. Instead of a “rewrite”, we’re getting a live script that will optimize and run along through the remainder of our days, it seems. The implications for your online business are as clear as day, your backlink profile will need to be squeaky clean from hereon in. So, how do you go about this? Let’s take a look.

How Your Online Business Will Need to Adapt to the Continuous Penguin 3.X Updates of 2015

1. Identify Whether or Not You Have a Questionable Backlink Profile

At this point, it doesn’t matter how your website acquired its bad backlink profile. Chances are that it was a questionable SEO service from your recent past that put you in this position. However, there are indeed instances where you innocently entered into an agreement to “buy links” for your site without even realizing it. But as I said, that is much ado about nothing at this point. What matters now, is what you can do to fix it. You will need to begin by identifying if your website was involved in a link scheme. Such a thing includes outright offers to sell you links, links provided in exchange of products/services, links placed within an advertorial, reciprocal link exchanges, and more. Refer to this article on the six ways to identify link schemes and you’ll quickly learn whether or not your website will be a target of Penguin in 2015.

2. Start Removing Links in Gradual Successive Steps

Once you’ve identified the problem links you can start getting them removed. However, you do not want to do this all at once. This article was written for those of your looking to take proactive steps to prepare for a relentless Penguin 3.X, not to put you in a panic. If you drop every single link in one shot, such a thing could dramatically impact your search engine rank. Google will “notice” this instant loss of references to your website and make the “assumption” that your site no longer holds the informational value that it once had. In addition, it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to deduct that Google watchdogs may take the dramatic change as a signal that your site was in a direct violation of their guidelines. Instead, create a schedule of link removal requests that will go out once per week (assuming that you have over of a dozen links that you need removed). Maintain this schedule until your profile is devoid of spammy backlinks. Unsure of how to go about this part? The Google disavow tool is one option, but be sure to follow these 5 highly effective steps to requesting link removal from spammy websites first.

3. Start Building Links the Proactive Natural Way to Claim Victory After Each Penguin 3.X Optimization

The great news about Penguin’s constant algorithm optimization in 2015 is that violating sites that don’t commit to doing the right thing will get hit over and over again. This will only serve to improve the search engine rank of websites that do play by the rules. This benefit will be felt even greater by those that actually add to their backlink profile, the proactive natural way. By creating highly engaging and interesting content, using everything from informative blog articles to link-worthy photos and performing outreach to high-value content sites such as .edu domains you will gain a competitive advantage over your online competition. View more on the concept of natural link bait here.

4. Bring in a Reputable SEO Firm to Perform a Health-Check and Devise Strategy for 2015

In the end, when it comes to something as sophisticated at the Google Penguin algorithm, your website’s health is best left in the hands of a reputable SEO. While you and your online marketing manager should indeed follow the instructions above as well as you can, you will certainly want to consult with an SEO firm in 2015, before the continuous Penguin updates get around to looking directly at your website. To avoid running into the same sort of issues that may have put you in this position of concern, run your own check on prospective SEO companies to see if they meet these 5 quality guidelines. If they do, you’ve taken the best possible step to preparing for Penguin. Contact Standard Marketing at your earliest convenience to get rolling over the ever-waddling Google algorithm of the future.

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