Law Firms: Go Niche to Get More Business from Online Searches

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Most law firms would benefit from providing specialized online content tailored to a specific group of people.

Many law blogs tend to write content that only other lawyers would find interesting. To make sure potential clients understand how much your firm could help them, think about legal problems from their perspective. This content strategy lets people find your firm when looking for information.

People have a desire to inform themselves about legal issues in our digital age. To gain attention, make your website a resource first and a business generator second, become a niche law firm. More people will visit your website, and more people will come to trust your “brand” when it comes to solving their legal troubles.

Knowledge is Power

A desire for information drives most user searches. When it comes to legal issues, people are especially motivated. They want to know how to solve their troubles and what legal rights they have.

The problem with most law firm content is that it essentially condescends. “Get a lawyer,” is the message. “They will fix everything.” While this may be true, people want a foundational understanding of their legal troubles. Before anyone searches, “lawyer to help with bankruptcy,” they will search, “What is bankruptcy?”

Law offices that can answer these questions before recommending their services position themselves better online. People searching will find your page, read it and then decide where to go from there.

If you happen to be the one that gave them the answers they need, they are likely to trust you more. This effect is how content can lead to a contract.

Why Niche Matters

To implement the above strategy in the best way possible, find your audience. Think about what type of people will need your services the most and what questions they would have.

Get as specific as possible. The more unique and fine-tuned your content is, the more likely it is to resonate with a specific group.

For instance, a divorce attorney can choose to specialize in custody for domestic violence cases. They can have a section or even an entire website dedicated to how domestic violence affects divorce. Anyone trapped in a harmful relationship who wants to get themselves and their children out of harm’s way will be in desperate need of such a resource.

When you create a blog just for them, you give them a shoulder to lean on. They become aware of their rights and an effective cause of action to proceed towards the outcome they need. You could dominate more search results and become recognized as a “problem solver” for that particular field.

More specialization means an even more diverse reputation. Soon, your firm could be the “go-to guys” for anything from boating accidents to traffic citations for people with medical conditions. Go niche, my friends, and get the results your firm needs to expand.

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