Why Video Content Gets Your Business More Clicks

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Video content is swiftly emerging as the best method to reach online viewers. Users prefer video, as do search engines. Brands who can provide interesting, relevant videos as a key component of their digital marketing strategy will reap the benefits of online engagement and exposure.

Canada’s Insatiable Appetite for Videos

Canada has long been a world leader in online usage. Over 80 percent of the country has internet access. Canadians have more page views per visitor than any other country in the world. They are also number two in overall time spent online.

When it comes to video, Canadians consume them voraciously. In fact, the country watches the most online video worldwide. The average Canadian spends 42 hours a week online. Thirty-two of those hours are spent watching video. That ratio equates to over 78 percent of the time spent online. Streaming video has even become so popular that many Canadians are cancelling their traditional cable and satellite services.

Video content has quickly become the dominant form of people getting information. A recent Forbes report stated that 59 percent of executives would rather watch a video than read a report.

Reaching Your Audience Through Video

These numbers are something no business should ignore. To get your message heard, say it through video.

Because videos condense information and display it in a logical way, users consider them more relevant. Relevance increases search ranking. A higher search ranking means more online traffic and more brand recognition.

Furthermore, since YouTube is a Google product, posting videos on services like YouTube means your content is ultimately favored. Research points to YouTube videos being 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of results. More people will see your sponsored content online, and more of the related ad revenue goes to you and Google.

How to Create a Winning Video Content Strategy

There are several keys to making videos that help your brand succeed:

  • Make them relevant to user interests. Think about what users like to hear rather than what you what you want them to listen to.
  • Pack as much information as you can into as little time as possible. The best videos condense a whole lot of content into a 1-3 minute timespan. Anything longer can make interests wane.
  • Make them entertaining, with interesting graphics and a compelling message. Consumers have developed an eye for great production values. Good-looking videos impress, while bad-looking videos generate second-hand embarrassment.
  • Make them “sharable” with unique or high-quality content that viewers think their friends and associates will love. Great video content feels less like an infomercial and more like entertainment. Being educational or touching emotions at the same time works even better.

As long as your videos can satisfy these categories, they are more likely to win out over other content. More viewers will watch your videos to completion, and they will retain the information better.

To help your brand succeed, start thinking about how video can help your digital content strategy. You can learn more by visiting our website, which offers tips and methods for content marketing that gets you noticed.