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Streaming video is the latest trend for online marketing — and for good reason. It engages the viewer on a level that static photos and text do not. It builds excitement and increases understanding of your product. The strength of a great marketing video is not a surprise to many businesses. Still, creating a good and strong video is a secret that eludes many. Here are some tips for creating the perfect marketing video for your internet campaign.

 Know What You Want

The first thing you need to know is what you want to accomplish. Script your video; do not wing it. What is the exact purpose of the video? What is the message you are trying to get across? A 30-second commercial is a lot different than a 3-minute detailed overview.

Short and Sweet

The average length of a YouTube video is roughly 5 minutes. Your marketing video should be shorter. The average attention span of people on the Web these days runs less than ten seconds. That means you have precious little time to grab and hold attention and get your message across. Keeping your video shorter than three minutes will make sure your clients stick with it through the end.

The Epic Message

Make your message big and epic. You are not just selling a house; you are delivering the American Dream of luxury and comfort. You are not just selling solar panels; you are saving the Earth by creating a source of sustainable energy. Make your message resonate. Give it some emotional resonance, and then bring it down to how real people are affected.

 Know Your Audience

Trying to reach out to the whole world in three minutes is not going to work. Know exactly who you are targeting with your video, and talk directly to them. Use the very first thing you say to hook that special niche that you want to click through.


Before recording yourself, practice reading your script. Then practice again. Practice a third time. Remember that you do not write like you speak. The more you rehearse, the more you will work out the rhythm of the words and be able to correct awkward phrasing.

You will also come to learn your script so you look more professional upon delivery. Looking up and down comes across as awkward and distracting. Appearing confident and not glancing at notes, on the other hand, makes you come off as confident.

Embed, Embed, Embed

It is all well and good to create a solid video that you place on your YouTube channel. If you stop there, you are cheating yourself. Put that video on your website. Post it to Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. Put it on your blog. Talk to partner businesses and have them host it. Include the video or a link to it in press releases. The more places you post it, the better your exposure will be.

Do you have any advice about successful video creation? Leave us a comment below!