How to Make Email Marketing Effective

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Sending Emails

Email marketing is a term used to describe the strategy of using email to relay important messages, promotions, updates and tips to willing recipients. Although it’s not as popular as content marketing strategies, email marketing is great for nurturing prospects and existing customers.

Thanks to spammers, email marketing has seen a lot of abuse in recent years. Luckily, there are new and improved ways to block these spammers. But it can still be a challenge to get messages through to clients. The following guideline will help you to make the most of the speed and convenience associated with email marketing.

Choose an Email Marketing Provider

We can provide you with some suggestions for possible providers. But the best thing to do is to take the time to talk to and try out different providers before deciding on the one that’s the best fit.

Clean Up Your Contacts

If you’ve been around for a while, you likely have a huge database of contacts. Go through these contacts and remove any irrelevant or expired information. Clean up contact information that you plan on keeping and keep it organized.

Convince Contacts to Opt-In

Instead of spamming people so that they will opt-in to receive email updates, promotions, and other future messages, try these strategies:

  • Put an email newsletter signup form on your website.
  • When you do send clients a one-off email, add a link to opt-in within your email signature.
  • Add an opt-in option to any inquiry forms.
  • Add an opt-in link to all order conformations and surveys.

Determine Your Campaign’s Purpose

Don’t send clients one giant, disorganized message. Work with your marketing and sales team to narrow down the purpose of each message and create a concise, simplified design. Promote a specific service or product or drive traffic to a particular page on your website. Whatever the message, make sure it’s clear, succinct and organized.

Pay Attention to Subject Lines

Most people tend to delete emails with key spam words like “free,” “order now” or “guarantee.” Make sure you’re sending out emails with subject lines that is strong and eye-catching. Keep it short, include your business’s name and make it intriguing.

Following these simple steps, you can make your email marketing campaign a success. Please visit our email marketing page for more tips and information.