SoLoMo – How It’s Helping Local Businesses

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Maybe you’ve heard the term SoLoMo before, or maybe you’re wondering what this silly sounding acronym means. SoLoMo stands for social-local-mobile and refers to the integration of platforms from these three entities.

As the popularity of smartphones and tablets emerged, so did the idea for SoLoMo. Since smartphones now use geo-location technology, the logical next step was to take advantage of that fact and work to create more accurate local search engine results that can be viewed directly from your phone. So let’s take a deeper look into SoLoMo and see how you can use it for your individual business.

SoLoMo Explained

It’s 2015 and just about everyone has a smartphone. This particular development is what allowed SoLoMo to become possible. Unlike home and office computers, smartphones have GPS technology automatically assimilated into the device. This GPS technology is usually very accurate and provides search engines with a way to tap into the market of local searches.

This is exactly what SoLoMo aims to do. Search engines are taking the ability to pinpoint a person’s location and using it to provide smartphone users with local results in their search engine apps.

How it Can Help

This integration of social, local and mobile entities is an amazing way for local businesses to connect with customers. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, a hardware store or an antique shop, apps can now link you to results that are right around that corner.

Local businesses can exploit the ubiquity of mobile devices and their respective social media apps by providing consumers in their immediate area with deals and offers. By bridging the gap between the local consumer and a business’s website or social media, local merchants will have more opportunity to grow.

Examples of SoLoMo

Facebook, Groupon, and Foursquare are among the most popular apps that take advantage of SoLoMo. These apps and others allow its users to perform check-ins and write reviews straight from their mobile device. Some apps will even send you a notification if you happen to be in the vicinity of a popular local destination.

Even though the term SoLoMo may seem ridiculous, its multiple functions and benefits are most certainly not. Be sure to visit our mobile websites service page and contact us so that the experts at Standard Marketing can help get your local business on the mobile radar.