A Step-by-Step Guide to Inbound Marketing

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Unlike traditional methods of marketing such as cold-calling, sales flyers or radio advertising, inbound marketing uses content marketing to appeal to customers. Inbound marketing allows businesses to promote themselves through social media accounts, blogs, videos and other media resources.

Instead of using outdated advertising that seeks out potential customers, inbound marketing attracts customers directly to your business. Accessibility through websites or social media makes it easier for businesses to grab people’s attention and have customers come to them.

The following guide will take you through the ins and outs of inbound marketing and explain why it’s a great approach for any business, big or small.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

Inbound marketing uses the easy accessibility and popularity of the internet to its advantage. In contrast, outbound marketing uses less contemporary approaches that attempt to buy people’s attention, like telemarketing and television ads. Outbound marketing is considered more invasive. These contrasting approaches reveal how marketing can take on different mindsets.

Businesses that use inbound marketing create content that their customers can choose to view on their own. The goal is to build a relationship of trust between your customers and your business. By creating informative content and giving customers the opportunity to learn more about your business on their own terms, inbound marketing is a great way to draw clients to you.

How it Works

Inbound marketing follows a certain methodology in order to be effective. The idea is to create as many avenues as possible for potential buyers to learn more about your business and then, ideally, they will convert their interest into profitable business.

The following guide provides a more detailed explanation of the inbound marketing process:

  • Create as many channels to your business as possible. Use social media, blogs, search engine optimization, email and more to draw people to your website.
  • Make the people visiting your website want to use your services. Use calls-to-action, landing pages and contact pages to convert visitors into customers.
  • Once you’ve attracted a new customer, make sure to continue to impress them with your services and website. A happy customer will promote your business and bring in new clients.

Why it Works

We’ve already gone over some of the benefits of inbound marketing, but why exactly is it so successful?

For one, media use today is extremely prevalent. The internet, especially, has become the go-to source for customers to learn more about a business they’re interested in. Second, people don’t like to be bombarded by ads. They’re annoying and there are ways for people to evade them if they want. And finally, inbound marketing takes advantage of the technologically involved consumer. People will look for more information when they’re ready. The inbound approach realizes that and allows businesses to cater their media to attract these potential customers.

Ultimately, Standard Marketing is aware of how to make inbound marketing work for you, and will help you through the process. To learn more, check out our services page.