Top Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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Handing Over the House Keys in Front of a Beautiful New Home.

The real estate market in 2015 is looking up, but is also looking extremely competitive. Real estate agents need every angle they can leverage to build strong business. Keeping visible is the key to success in this industry. Choosing the right tools and making the right approach to marketing your business can make the difference between sales and struggling. Here are some top marketing ideas for real estate agents.

Build a Website

Many agents who work for larger companies rely upon profile listings on their agency’s site. This can be a fatal mistake. Having your own website makes you stand out from your competition and allows you to personalize your listings. You can include video tours of homes, a detailed personal profile and a direct line of communications with your clients.

There are many providers out there who offer full-featured web builders that you can use to get up and running, or you can hire a professional content designer. Whichever path you choose, a personalized website is a must.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Again, this is a key to a strong web presence. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, ensures that your website ranks higher when clients perform Google searches for real estate agents in your area. It is achieved by using the proper keywords in the right places throughout your website. It also takes into account both internal and external links, and how often your site is updated. All of these things work together and improve your online presence and visibility.

Constantly Be on Social Media

Social media ties directly into SEO. By maintaining a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, you build a range of ways for people to find your site. Not only will you be able to create external links to and from your site, but social media also allows you a direct line of communication with your potential clients.

Even better, social media is fun. Your prospective clients will enjoy being able to interact with you and will view you as a laid back individual with whom they can relate.

Keep Blogs Up-To-Date

The best way to keep your site updated regularly is to feature a blog. This can discuss your business, the real estate market in your region, general trends, ideas for homeowners or a gamut of other topics. You can discuss buying, selling and decorating homes or what to do with pets when you move. Blogging is a fun way of regularly updating your website to keep your SEO strong.

Send Out Periodical Newsletters

Do not neglect newsletters, both email and direct mail. When you get a contact, add them to a mailing list. Quarterly or twice a year, send clients on your mailing list information about the status of your business, what is going on in the industry and what you have been up to lately. This can keep old clients coming back when they want to buy again. It can also help to convince potential clients to convert to actual buyers or sellers.

Do you have any other ideas about marketing ideas for real estate agents? We would love to hear them. Leave a comment below!