The Perks of Marketing Automation

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social mediaMarketing automation is an amazing tool that allows small businesses with limited staff resources to run campaigns and manage their time efficiently. For large companies, marketing automation makes it possible to connect with customers in a personal way. We’ll go over the many benefits of marketing automation so that you can decide if it’s a viable option for your business.

Automation Saves Time

Automated marketing is an enormous time saver. All you have to do is create campaigns and posts ahead of time and schedule them for posting at a future time and date. Think of how much time you can save by creating a month’s worth of Twitter posts in one day and setting them to post throughout the month.

Automation also allows you to make the most of your staff resources. The way your staff spends their time is important to your business’s success. With marketing automation, a single staff member can execute complex ongoing campaigns and connect with more customers than if they were trying to do everything manually. This allows your staff to be more efficient and effective with their time.

Automation is Consistent

With automated marketing, it’s easy to post on a regular, consistent basis. When you’re posting manually, you may go days without posting, either because you forgot or because other work was more pressing. If your business elects to automate posts, your accounts will stay up to date, letting your customers know that you are active and engaged in your business. An inactive account might indicate that your business cannot suitably manage its customer communication. It might also suggest that you don’t view customer communication as important.

Automation also allows you to create a consistent brand presence on multiple platforms such as email, social media, text messages and more. A consistent brand helps customers identify your business and connect with it. Additionally, the more channels you’re on, the more visibility your business will have. This improved visibility will likely lead to new customers.

Automation Gathers Useful Information

Marketing automation provides businesses with helpful detailed reports that allow you to keep track of your multiple campaigns. The best automated marketing solutions will provide you with graphs, statistics and other data that will help you optimize future campaigns. This data is automatically collected and organized, making it easy to review and use.

Automated marketing will also gather information necessary to building more detailed customer profiles. Automation solutions collects and saves information regarding customer purchases, email opens and responses, preferences and more. This comprehensive data will allow you to reach out to individual customers more effectively.

Marketing automation is an excellent option for all businesses, big and small. It can save your business time and money and can help you make more meaningful interactions with your customers. If you’re interested in automated marketing, the experts at Standard Marketing can help get you started. Check out services page to see all that we can do help optimize your business.