3 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Online Ads

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Digital Advertising

Online display ads and targeted ads like Google’s AdWords can offer a fairly handsome return on investment — presuming, of course, they are done right. Your goal with the ads is to not just get views, but to get a high rate of clicks per view. This metric is called your click through rate (CTR), and it is measured by simply dividing your number of clicks by the number of views.

Increasing your CTR involves getting a feel for your market over time. Every business offers something different to a consumer, and establishing how you communicate your unique product and values to audiences will be a skill you continue honing for years. To help you get started, here are some general tips that almost always increase CTR:

Offer Relevant Content, Not Just an Ad

PPC and other types of display can work hand-in-hand with an inbound marketing strategy. While advertising your services is excellent for getting word out about your business, you will likely end up with a high number of exposures and a low CTR.

To improve your CTR, offer up unique content that people will want to read. For instance, a Vancouver realtor should not just promise “We Can Sell Your Home Fast!” but rather convince their audience that they know how to do this from the get go. Creating an article that says “5 Tricks to Sell Your Home Faster” and advertising the post on a display ad can be increase your likelihood of seeing actual engagement. People will have the promise of something tangible — a list of facts — instead of a long-term promise that your services are valuable.

At the end of your content, you are more likely to have convinced your audience of your knowledge, and then you can pitch your services.

Use an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

When using visual display ads, not just any stock photo or graphic will do. You want something colorful, with a visual subject that grabs attention and maybe even tells a story.

For example, a plumbing company posting an article about “Why Your Plumber Needs to Be Insured and Bonded” could use a picture of a friendly-looking plumber, but an image of a plumber waste-deep in water vividly illustrates what the consequences could be. The idea of a potentially disastrous situation captures audience’s imaginations, making them more likely to notice your thumbnail and be curious about it.

Target Your Audience with Razor Precision

Having tens of thousands of exposures may sound great, but if next to none of the people who saw your ad can use your services, it will be a waste of money. You do not just want people to see the ad — you want the right people to see it.

Features like Facebook’s Graph Search, Twitter’s Geo-Targeting and Google’s AdWords all find people who are relevant to your business and who have indicated interest in your type of services. Use extremely fine-tuned targeting to reach the people most likely to generate clicks.

You can also spread your efforts across multiple keywords or demographics, such as looking for people who use the hashtag or life event marker “moving to Vancouver” in addition to people who Google search “Vancouver homes for sale.”

These tips are the basic building blocks to get more people to engage with your display ads. For advice that is tailored to meet the needs of your specific business, you can take a look at our Pay Per Click advertising customization services.