5 Ways To Achieve Twitter Success for Your Real Estate Business

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In 2015 Twitter reached a new record of just over 250 million users – with the amount of viewers each day it is imperative that businesses create a good impression. Demonstrating a good knowledge of the industry, playing to your strengths and endorsing the parts of your company that make you unique are key to impressing on social media. Twitter isn’t just for personal use, it has established its key role in commercial use.

A good Twitter page can benefit your business massively, but the journey to get there can be very frustrating. Creating a loyal, relevant following will help you establish yourself in the real estate community and allow your views to be heard. Here are five simple steps to guarantee success in the world of Twitter:

Content Is Key

This may be a self-evident aspect of Twitter, however is often easier said than done. In your tweets you should talk about what people are interested in: find out the latest trends or hashtags within the real estate industry and link to them from your Twitter page. Regularly check news publication, magazines, blogs or Google Trends for news stories and to see what everyone in your field is talking about.

A couple of things to avoid:

Tweets should present a snippet of what your company is all about; tweets with no clear message or irrelevant content can be ignored, or worse, damage your brand’s credibility.

Don’t just talk yourself, as that’s likely to get boring very quickly. Talk about other things that could have relevance to your company: for every one self-promotional tweet, you should write five others which you think will interest your target readers.

Colonial Capital, a housing investment company based in Chicago, often shares other stories about their local area. This keeps their Twitter page neutral and informative for their local users.

Colonial Capital2Colonial Capital1

Always Use Images

Images, when posted appropriately, are one of the best way to foster engagement on your Twitter page, and are especially important in real estate. Studies have shown that posts with pictures are 94% more likely to be retweeted than plain text. Drawing user’s attention quickly is a must on Twitter as the attention time span per tweet is only very short. Regular updates with images will encourage viewers to come back to your site and favourite or retweet your posts.

Lennar specialises in leading new homes and real estate. They include lots of beautiful images of homes, but they also include very relatable images about satisfied customers.

Lennar1 Lennar2

Audience Interaction

The primary use of Twitter is to increase your social status by engaging with others, and businesses need to use this to help their company be successful. It is important to update regularly and stay active, especially at peak times: studies show that updating tweets in the peak times of 1-3pm on Monday-Thursday will help increase the amount of traffic to your page.

You company should be creating appropriate conversations with users and other people in your industry. It is important get the language right: words like ‘follow’, ‘tweet, ‘free’, ’top’, have been shown to generate more overall clicks and visits to page. Hashtags are also a great tool for reaching a wider audience; using trending hashtags will generate a lot of interest from users.

Asking users their direct opinions, follows, retweets, favourites reflects positively on your business as it shows you care about your followers. Also, don’t wait for people to tweet to you, get out there and be involved with other user’s conversations.

Utilise Twitter Tools

Managing a new Twitter account can be challenging: juggling your day-to-day activities and having a strong online presence is no easy task. Thankfully there are plenty of tools that can help you out:

Tweetadder – This app reduces the likelihood of getting spam followers by filtering potential customers by keyword, location, language, etc.

Cotweet – Helps businesses track, analyse and engage with conversations about their brands. It’s always important to know what other people are saying about you, positive or negative.

Buffer – regularly remembering to update your Twitter feed can be taxing, so this app allows you to schedule when your tweets are sent. It is also able to analyse your tweets to see what your audience love or hate, and the times of day you should be posting.

These tools will allow you to listen, respond and interact with your followers without spending your whole day on Twitter. Improving efficiency and making your content more appealing for the users – guaranteed to make your page a success.

What Does Your Page Say About You?

The key to growing your client base is to get people excited and interested in your company. A dull page will reflect badly on your business and drive away potential customers.

The reason people visit a commercial social media page is to find out a bit more about what the company is like, i.e. their brand personality. You need these things for a great profile:

  • An informative profile picture – most likely to be a logo
  • Colourful and persuasive Twitter background use attractive images
  • A winning bio – in only 160 characters you have to explain your whole company, this will be the second aspect of the website the viewers looks at, so make it engaging!
  • Website link – this is ideally where you want your followers to end up
  • Your location – fairly essential for a real estate company

TRD report on real estate news but they do it with a flourish! Having a sense of humour in their bio makes them more likeable, and the bright background imagine also draws in the viewer.