Best B2B Options for Social Networking

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Social media is vital when it comes to Business-to-Business, or B2B, marketing and branding. Using these resources, however, requires a knowledge of how to properly focus your business on any given social media platform. Each has its own usefulness and must be utilized in the right way to get the maximum bang for your buck and avoid investing time and effort into a channel that could yield far better results. Here is a look at several of the top social media platforms for your internet marketing Vancouver channels.


It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the top resource for B2B marketing through social media. There are, however, many pitfalls that you must avoid when using this service. The biggest of these is the one that tends to be the most attractive, and that is spamming your contact list and other connections. Instead of sending out mass postings and messages, research the groups that your clients frequent and engage those groups. This will paint you as an expert in your field as well as being approachable.


Microblogging is still a strong force for any marketing strategy. Too many people think of it as something of an afterthought, randomly throwing up a link here and there and not leveraging the service to its maximum potential. Twitter is a great platform for real-time fast communications. You can directly communicate with clients, validate them through retweets and favorites, and show genuine involvement. Don’t just connect it to Facebook and let it ride!

Google+ and YouTube

Google+ has not been the runaway success it was predicted to be, but is still a vital part of B2B marketing, especially when completely integrated with YouTube. G+ allows you to connect to your clients through one of the largest social platforms on the web, and even better, using the service gives you a much better chance of being highly ranked in Google’s search engine. In brief, using Google and YouTube together is an excellent SEO strategy!


This entire service exists for one purpose: to share interests across the Web between like-minded individuals. Through Pinterest you can create a wealth of “boards” which feature different aspects of your business or topics of interest to your clients, and allow you a unique means of connecting with them. Used properly, Pinterest can enhance your overall reputation and attractiveness to clients.

Facebook and Internet Marketing Vancouver

Facebook is an obvious choice, but while it is the most popular social network there is, it’s also the most often misused. Avoid “Facebook banter” and keep your posts on point and on topic. Focus them on your business, on elements related to your business, and on drawing in your other social networks. Avoid politics, religion and hot-button issues at all costs—something that may be easier said than done on this platform!

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