Video Marketing Set to Be a Top Trend of 2016

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Video marketing could just be the biggest topic in 2016 for businesses of any size. As competition for online views heats up, more and more brands are turning to the power of video. Content marketing through videos impacts audiences in ways brands dream about while spreading the conversations far and wide.

Let us look at the ways video has already made its mark in the online world of advertising, and how that role is set to get even bigger once 2016 rolls around.

Video’s Growing Web Presence

Video has grown in a huge way since the internet’s infancy. Improvements in connection speed were the driving factor at first, but parallel developments in video compression technology, video hosting platforms like YouTube and mobile device capabilities have all set the stage for video to take top billing online. Facebook alone claims 3 billion video views per day.

Overall, watching video online has become a popular way to pass the time. 78 percent of people watch videos online once a week or more, according to HubSpot, and 55 percent watch a video at least once every day. These views are not just idle clicks, either. Research shows that 65 percent of video viewers are willing to watch more than 3/4 of a video’s running length. That number goes up when short two minute, one minute or 30 second formats are delivered.

Many of these views are happening while consumers are out and about. Riding the bus between classes? Video time. Stuck in the waiting room before your dentist appointment? Let’s see what those crazy internet cats are up to. Commercial break on TV? Two screens are better than one!

This rise in mobile viewership has created a situation where 50 percent of all mobile traffic is made up of video. If that sounds shocking, put a pillow under your jaw when you read that Cisco predicts that 80 percent of total online traffic for both desktop and mobile will come from video data by 2019.

How Video Marketing Can Help You

You may read the statistics above and think, “that’s great if I’m a huge brand or want to run a web series, but it has nothing to do with my small business.” Not true! Video has the power to help anyone. Your web presence is bolstered by the inclusion of at least one video on your page, and coming out with videos on a monthly or bi-monthly basis can still positively impact your search engine results and social shares.

The fact is that more people are inclined to click on video content and share it with others than other formats. Saying something with video will give that message a huge broadcast. You will also be more likely to get engagement online, both on your hosted website and on social channels like Twitter and Facebook. More engagement means more leads, which means more conversions which can mean more money in your pocket.

So consider video, even if it is just an introduction on your homepage, for your internet marketing in Vancouver. Your audience will get to know you like never before, and they’ll enjoy doing it. Visit our video content marketing services page to learn more.