Material Design and Internet Marketing

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In 2014 Google unveiled a new style language for web design. This language is called Material Design, and it is intended to make better use of depth, movement and shadow effects to create more eye-catching and realistic web design concepts. This is an up-and-coming trend in web design and savvy internet marketers would do well to consider how to best integrate it into their overall brand and marketing scheme. Here’s a look at how Material Design can be used to boost your overall internet marketing platform.

Material Design: Clean and Modern

Material Design has a single goal: to modernize web design with a focus on user interaction. There are those who have been slow to adopt this new movement, but the truth is, it stands to be a game-changer in overall web design theory and those who wait too long will be behind the curve.

The language makes use of a minimalistic aesthetic but adopts depth and shadow to add an extra dimension to the aesthetic appeal of the overall app or website. It is a very modern approach that will appeal to those who use mobile devices to access the Internet (which is most users).

Apps to Web Design

Up till now this new approach has been largely confined to building apps, but just this past July Google announced a “Lite” version of the language which is ideal for website design. It will provide incredible user interaction and interface options across a broad range of devices, from laptops to desktops to tablets and smartphones.

The nice thing about this new Lite approach is that it makes use of CSS, HTML and JavaScript to work, so there’s little need to train yourself in an entirely new language to build your website while still being able to add elements of this new design scheme.

Adaptable Use

One of the greatest things about this approach is that it is not dependent on a given framework—that is, you don’t have to be using Android or a specific programming language or template to apply it. This means that designers can grab whatever their favourite design tool may be and get right to work.

An approach like this allows a broad variety of design approaches to use the same aesthetic, and the coding needed to apply it is very lightweight, making sites that utilize this design fast-loading and sleek. Google itself describes the process as a language which “synthesizes…good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.”

Regardless of whether you’re a marketing professional or a web designer, you cannot afford to ignore Material Design as an up-and-coming trend for internet marketing in 2016. This approach is likely to change the landscape. If you have questions about the best approach to take when designing your web content to draw in the most viewers and leads, we can help. Learn about what we do, and give us a call for more information or a consultation today.