Debunking 5 SEO Myths

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SEO is constantly adapting and shifting in an effort to keep up with the latest changes. Even for marketing experts, it can be confusing and frustrating. This is particularly true when there’s so much misinformation out there about the whole thing. With all of that in mind, let’s take some time to debunk some of the biggest SEO myths this year and look at the truth behind the misinformation.

“Local SEO is Pointless”

This is a huge myth—that you shouldn’t waste time with Local SEO. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, local SEO is more important than it ever has been. Google continues to refine its search algorithms to focus heavily on local results. Keep on with the local SEO, and get it sharper than ever.

“ASO Ratings Make Rankings”

For mobile app developers, there’s a ton of focus on ASO rankings these days, with one of the biggest 5 SEO myths being that ratings make rankings and ratings are consequently all that matter. Here’s the truth: ratings don’t really have that much of an effect on rankings. This is truer on iOS than it is on Google Play, but it holds across platforms overall. As mobile first design becomes more popular, this myth could prove dangerous.

“SEO Changes Too Fast to Be Worth It”

Many people think that SEO is just a waste of time and money—the algorithms change too fast and it costs you more to keep up than the benefits. Again, not true. Yes, SEO evolves constantly, but this is a reason to keep up with the trends, not a reason to forget about it altogether. Ignoring SEO means you’re going to lose your search ranking in Google, period.

“All You Need is Meta”

Another confounding myth is that if you have a good meta description, that’ll cover all of your SEO needs. Listen to this one at your peril. That’s not to say that meta isn’t important—it’s vital, in fact—but you also need the right keywords and content approaches for a truly effective SEO strategy.

“Automation Can Cover Your Needs”

This is yet another dangerous myth perpetuated by those looking to take the fast and easy way out and avoid spending time and money on the most effective approach. Shortcuts and automation are never a substitute for the kind of creativity and work that SEO experts and marketing professionals can bring to your website. You simply cannot automate SEO. If you do, those algorithms we keep hearing about will spot the cheat and flag it. This will have exactly the opposite effect on your site that you want.

5 SEO Myths

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