Overdoing It: Web Design Trends and Mistakes to Avoid

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As is the case every year, there’s a lot of talk lately about current and upcoming trends in web design for internet marketing. We’ve seen lots of information about rich animation, mobile-first design, application of graphics and videos, new programming languages—the upcoming trends are dizzying, and the technology is moving faster than ever. If you’re not careful, you can easily overdo it and end up with a site that uses so many trends it becomes counterproductive. Learn why you need to be careful not to overdo it as you apply the latest in web design trends to your internet marketing efforts.

Overdoing Web Design Trends

As much as you want to jam every trend possible into your website in hopes of hitting on just the right feature combination, overdoing web design trends can make your pages look very busy and cluttered. Even worse, they can interfere with the functionality of the site, which in the end regardless of trends is what your site has to do: it’s got to work.

No matter what service you provide—real estate, ecommerce, general business information or another approach—you need to offer a web presence that is trustworthy, secure, intuitive, user friendly and provides all the information your clients need. For many, a minimalist approach is the best way to go about this

Minimalism and Design Trends

Just because you are using a minimalist approach, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate smart design trends. Minimalism just refers to the look and function of your site. It doesn’t have anything to do with the underlying architecture. Responsive and mobile-first design, in fact, are important trends that actually rely on a minimalist approach.

You can have a banner image on a minimalist site. You can even incorporate animations in the form of hidden drop-down menus, which is one way to apply a design trend to achieve minimalism.

Keep it Simple

The Keep It Sweet and Simple (KISS) approach is an excellent way to make your visitors feel comfortable and pleased with your site, and to get them coming back time and again. Don’t jam web design trends in everywhere you can just to fit them in. Rather, use them to achieve a basic, informative and intuitive approach to your site. Make it look sleek and easy to handle, not cluttered with all the information jammed into one place and thumbnail images everywhere.

Granted, achieving the ideal design for your company marketing site can take a lot of trial and error, experience and experimentation. You need to have all the right SEO elements in place while still making it attractive and informative to your clients. That’s why engaging the services of a professional internet marketing firm like Standard Marketing can be a great way to go. If you need advice about your marketing strategy or an overhaul of your approach, we are ready to help. Review the services we provide and get in touch with us for more information today!