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Think about it: what is the purpose of Internet marketing for small business? Of course, the purpose of any marketing is to encourage prospective clients or customers to purchase your product or service. However, before you can make a sale from prospects on the Internet, you first have to attract them to your website.

Thus, the main objective of Internet marketing for small business is to increase your number of page views. The best way to do so is, of course, to have your website rank highly in Google organic search results. This means that, whenever a prospect searches for something related to your business’ offerings via Google (or another browser), they will see a page from your website as one of the top search results—so how can you make sure this happens?

Use Appropriate Keywords

In order for your website page to gain visibility on online search engines, it must contain the specific keywords your clients would be searching for. For example, if you’re a law practice in Vancouver, it’s likely that those searching for services like yours will search for something like “business lawyer Vancouver.” Incorporating keywords like these in your website content is crucial for organic search rankings. Oh, and do remember that search engines are basically robots, not humans; they will only show pages in the search results that have the exact term a prospect is searching for. Be specific!

Optimize Your Tags

Tags on your web page should include keywords, particularly the title tag. Google especially cares about the titles of web pages when displaying search results, not just the content. Oftentimes small business owners don’t have experience with dealing with websites themselves, which is okay, but it means they may overlook something as simple as giving a unique title to each page on the site. Hiring a professional to take care of Internet marketing for small business strategies is one way to avoid this, of course—they will make sure that every last detail, down to the title tag, is taken care of to ensure your business gets the organic search rankings it deserves.

Link to Your Website

The more important your website appears to Google, the more likely it is to show up in search results. One way to appear important is to have many pages with links pointing to a page you particularly want to appear in search results. To achieve this, be sure to have outside sources link to your website, as well as utilizing internal linking. This means each page on your website should link to other pages on your website.

Get Started Improving Your Search Results Today

Internet marketing for small business can be daunting, especially if you’ve never implemented an Internet content strategy before. We at Standard Marketing can help! We have several decades of combined marketing experience across many industries. Contact us today for a free website analysis.

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