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Let’s face it: for basically any industry these days, the Internet is the marketplace.  Internet marketing for small business is more crucial than ever, and it’s only going to continue to grow in importance.  While many small business owners understand that an online presence is important for growth, they don’t often see how it’s relevant to their business.  But in fact, no matter what your location or industry, an Internet presence can only be positive for your company.  Here are some Internet marketing strategies often overlooked by small businesses and the ways you can start utilizing them.

Create Content

You may have heard the saying “Content is king,” which has become a favourite of Internet marketers all over.  If you haven’t, that’s okay!  There’s no better time to learn that it’s true: Content is king.  Developing a content strategy is one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing for small business.

What do we mean by content?  We mean any keyword-focused piece of writing that’s meant to attract potential customers or clients to your website, such as a blog post.  For example, if you’re a chiropractor, you might attract potential clients that don’t even know they need your services by publishing an article about treating a muscle spasm and internally linking to your ‘contact’ page.  These pieces of content must be completely unique in order for them to be ranked as a quality result in a Google search.

Social Media

Many small businesses don’t think social media is necessary for them; they think it’s reserved for people to connect with friends and family and big corporations to get their messages out in the world.  But that just isn’t true.  Especially if you’re a locally focused small business, customers love engaging online.  Having a social media presence doesn’t mean you have to bombard customers with self-promotional materials, but it does give them more opportunities to talk about you online.  Social media profiles that accurately convey your brand voice to communicate with customers—and their friends—are a great method of Internet marketing for small business.

Paid Campaigns

A paid marketing campaign can be a highly effective form of Internet marketing for small business.  These campaigns include the ‘sponsored’ posts you see at the tops of web searches, which are based on the cost-per-click method; more commonly searched terms cost a lot more to run a campaign for than more specific terms.

To make the most of paid marketing campaigns, start by ranking for terms that aren’t as competitive.  These can be hyper-focused on your specialty or perhaps your specific location.  With a refined strategy, paid campaigns can be a highly cost effective method to drive traffic to your website.

Getting Started

Interested in getting started using Internet marketing for your small business but don’t know where to begin?  Standard Marketing can help!  Contact us today for a free website analysis.

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