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One of the biggest disadvantages of promoting your small business through an internet marketing campaign is that they can often feel impersonal, and nothing turns off potential customers quicker than feeling like they are being sold a line. Fortunately, by employing a deft touch, it’s very easy to make your online marketing strategy feel personal, like you’re actually trying to have a relationship with your customers instead of only trying to sell something to them. Keep reading to learn some strategies for personalizing your internet marketing campaign, and learn why you should hire a firm for internet marketing for small business.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Communication

When interacting with potential customers through online marketing it’s important that they feel like your business views them as individuals. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make in this regard is constructing emails for clients that use generalized language meant for targeting a group. Instead you should write your advertisement emails in such a way that your customers feel like you were talking to them directly, almost as if it were a personal email and not a solicitation. Use warm, intimate language and try to speak in either the first or second person. This will signal to your customers that you value their individual business and will make them more likely to respond to your emails.


Ask for Input from Your Customers

What makes sports teams so popular to their fan bases? A big part of fan support for sure, is watching the spectacular feats of athleticism that take place on the court, field or pitch, but that’s not all of it. Sports franchises, after all, are businesses. People root more for their team’s brand than they do for the players. Inspiring this intense loyalty is a simple matter of making fans feel like they are an actual part of the team, and you can use this same strategy for your online marketing campaign.
Ask your customers for direct feedback about your businesses products and services. Using tools like opinion polls or comment threads will make your customers feel like they play a larger part in your business than simply being a consumer. This is likely to engender in your customers an intense sense of loyalty, making it likely they will return to your business again and again.


Make Your Customers Feel Like They Know You

Impersonality will kill a social media campaign before it truly begins. Customers need to feel like they know the people behind the business because this makes it easier for them to commit their hard earned money. To avoid the pitfall of detachment, you need to directly engage with your customers through social media. Answer their questions directly, address complaints in the same manner and make sure to include enough personal information in your social bio. This will allow your customers to connect to you in a way that will inspire a sense of trust and bring huge gains for your business.


Consult a Firm Specializing in Internet Marketing for Small Business

Although you’ve learned a few great ways to make your online campaign feel more personal, everything is easier when you consult an expert. Crafting a successful online campaign is as easy as hiring Standard Marketing, a firm that specializes in internet marketing for small business. Standard Marketing will help you develop a friendly, personal online strategy that will help you connect with your customers and grow your small business. Contact us today and get started designing your perfect online campaign.

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