Internet Marketing Tips to Make the Most of the Holiday Season

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The holidays are upon us, and they are always a special time for families, communities and the local businesses that serve as members of both.

Business owners can use this fact along with the unique thematic elements of the Holidays to craft special, attention-grabbing internet marketing for small business campaigns. To make the most of the seasonal spirit while also using digital marketing best practices, you can try the following Holiday marketing campaign suggestions:

Content That Thinks Locally

You can leverage your own website blog and social media pages for simple and cheap yet effective holiday marketing content campaigns.

Make sure that this content hits to the heart of local issues and interests with a seasonal slant. For instance, writing about the “Best Holiday Events in Edmonton” can inform local readers about unmissable events, activities and Holiday-themed promotions going on in their area. Readers gain value from the content, use it to interact more with their community and build affinity for the author of the post.

Other ideas in addition to local highlights include Holiday-themed how-to and tips. A dry cleaning alternative business, for example, could write about “Environmentally Friendly Ways to Remove Those Holiday Stains.”

The lead-in could relate to all the drops and spills that happen when family visits for the Holidays, putting the subject in relatable terms while framing the content in a specific light. In the end, the cleaner could suggest that they have the expertise to safely handle the toughest stains. Festive header images can help promote this content, drawing clicks and soliciting smiles.

Holiday Promotions & Giveaways

The Holidays are a great excuse to send your customers a special offer that takes into account their unique needs in light of the season.

A moving company could offer a coupon for discounted temporary furniture rental, for instance, to help families who want to host for the Holidays, but have just moved in. Pitching the promotion to “Let Us Help You Save the Holidays” can touch customers in a certain way that makes the promotion feel memorable and relevant.

Businesses can also combine the promotion with content pushes by creating an interactive contest. Ask users to submit photos of their worst Holiday meal disasters in exchange for a free cooking class or a catered side dish. Have people share your page to participate in a raffle for Holiday gift prizes that they can pass on to loved ones.

Ideas like these get people into the spirit while drumming up relatively inexpensive online exposure for your brand.

Give Back to Get More

The Holidays are most certainly a time for giving, so use the season to highlight your favorite cause. You can have a food, clothing or toy drive for the needy, where people drop by your office location to bring in the items while learning more about your business in the process.

You can also create an event where the proceeds go to charity, such as a local realtor teaming up with a bar to sell Holiday-themed drink specials that offer a percentage back in donations to local causes.

This type of event brings people together, engages them with your business and spreads the Holiday cheer to those less fortunate at the same time. Promoting it also gives your online blog and social media content an extra special purpose that will likely earn it more attention.

Customized Holiday Internet Marketing for Small Business

These suggestions are just a sliver of what our internet marketing for small business agency can offer your business. When we can learn more about your business and the local community that helps it thrive, we can craft even more effective and relevant ideas made to fit their unique respective qualities.

Find out more about what we can do for you by viewing our internet marketing for small business services page.

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