Terms of Service

These Terms of Service are our vision of a working agreement that is fair to all. If you need clarification on any point please contact us immediately so agreement can be reached before work begins.

  1. The Security of Your Contact Information
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising
  3. Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing
  4. Design and Production of Websites

  1. The Security of Your Contact Information
    1. Privacy

      We will never share your email address or contact information with anyone who will spam you.

  2. Pay Per Click Advertising
    1. We can work without changes to your website, because pay per click leads will be directed to a custom landing page we build on your website. A minimum six month commitment is required. We charge for building the landing page, a monthly management fee, and a small percentage of your monthly spend. Our fees are payable in advance each month. The spend is billed directly to your credit card by Google, Facebook, etc.

  3. Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing
    1. Monthly Report

      All of our SEO customers receive a monthly report on their current rankings on Google, usually in the first week of each month.

    2. Payment Methods

      We accept payment by credit card only – Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

    3. Payment Schedule

      SEO work begins on the date of your first payment. After that we accept payment from your credit card on the 25th of each month for the following month. A minimum 12 month commitment is required.

    4. Call Tracking

      If a Call tracking phone number is added to your website we will bear the cost. This phone number MUST ONLY BE USED ON YOUR WEBSITE – Never in newspaper, direct mail, or anywhere else. J A monthly report is provided.

    5. Third Party Expenses

      Third party expenses are sometimes recommended, for important internet directories, and press release distribution companies. Payments to third party service providers are extra. We always ensure third party expenses, if any, are approved by you in advance.

    6. Timeline For Results

      Client understands that although we will be working to bring results as soon as possible, it may take a number of months. We will fully inform you about what to expect before you commit to our services. If at any time you feel for any reason we haven’t performed as well as you expected, we cannot be responsible for any business you feel you lost or would have gained if we had met your expectations.

    7. Cancellation

      After the term of your SEO contract, 30 days’ notice by email is required for cancellation.

  4. Design and Production of Websites
    1. 100% Money-Back Guarantee on Design

      The design must be approved before construction begins. If you don’t like our recommended design for your new website we will either keep working until you are happy, or refund 100% of your deposit. When you approve your design by email, we consider our Guarantee to be fulfilled.

    2. Website Hosting

      We provide free website hosting for one year with every new website we build. After the first year hosting is $10 per month, paid one year at a time in advance.

    3. Payment Schedule

      On orders of $5,000 or less, work will begin when we accept a 50% deposit from your credit card. The balance is due upon completion, when you’re happy with our work, and before the new website is live to the internet on your domain name. On orders over $5,000 milestone payments will be accepted.

    4. Website Content

      Generating text and photos for website pages can be time consuming and expensive. Unless otherwise specified, the client is responsible for providing us with text and photos for your website pages.

    5. Website Maintenance

      Website maintenance is NOT included with the purchase of a new website. And yet they are very complicated things, with many bits of code interacting with other bits of code all the time. Unless your website is monitored on a regular monthly basis it will almost certainly break, and yet the website could look fine. If this happens you will be losing business. We highly recommend our Website Maintenance package at $99 per month. See the bottom of our Website Design page for package details.

    6. Right to Use Files

      We assume that you have the legal right to use all the materials you provide for your project. You agree to hold Standard Marketing Ltd. as well as our staff, blameless for copyright infringement or other penalties arising from use of materials you authorize or suggest for your project.

    7. Ownership of Production

      Client owns complete contents of website, blogs, social media accounts, and Google Places.

    8. Assumption of Normal Conditions

      Our estimates assume conditions are normal, for example, that your existing files are up-to-date and well maintained. If, after the project has started, we find yours is not a normal situation and more work is required, we will quickly contact you to explain the situation. Extra charges may be required depending on how long the additional work takes us to complete.

    9. Additional Services

      Additional work not mentioned in our Agreement, requested by client will be quoted in advance at our regular hourly rate of $99 per hour.

    10. Termination

      We reserve the right to terminate work on your project at any time without cause. If this situation ever arises we would charge only for work performed to date.