Internet Marketing Tips to Make the Most of the Holiday Season

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The holidays are upon us, and they are always a special time for families, communities and the local businesses that serve as members of both.

Business owners can use this fact along with the unique thematic elements of the Holidays to craft special, attention-grabbing internet marketing for small business campaigns. To make the most of the seasonal spirit while also using digital marketing best practices, you can try the following Holiday marketing campaign suggestions:
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Boost Your Local SEO with Online Reviews

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Everyone loves getting a compliment now and again, but positive online reviews can mean a whole lot more than blushing cheeks. They can actually help your business stand out online for several reasons. Online reviews on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and especially Google can serve as important ranking signals for search engine algorithms. Google My Business page ratings in particular carry a lot of weight. Local businesses with top-rated reviews in their respective category or niche will almost always win out in Google local search results.

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Making Your Online Campaign Feel More Personal

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One of the biggest disadvantages of promoting your small business through an internet marketing campaign is that they can often feel impersonal, and nothing turns off potential customers quicker than feeling like they are being sold a line. Fortunately, by employing a deft touch, it’s very easy to make your online marketing strategy feel personal, like you’re actually trying to have a relationship with your customers instead of only trying to sell something to them. Keep reading to learn some strategies for personalizing your internet marketing campaign, and learn why you should hire a firm for internet marketing for small business.

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How to Make Your Business Stand Out on Social Media

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The key to running a successful small business is getting your name out there and being noticed. In the modern era, the best way to bring attention to your business is by using social media. However, because so many companies have committed to the social media revolution it can seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, with the right advice and a sprinkle of creativity, getting noticed on social media isn’t as hard as you might think. Discover how to make your business more visible on social media and why hiring a firm that specializes in internet marketing for small business can help.

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Improving Your Google Search Ranking

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Think about it: what is the purpose of Internet marketing for small business? Of course, the purpose of any marketing is to encourage prospective clients or customers to purchase your product or service. However, before you can make a sale from prospects on the Internet, you first have to attract them to your website.

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Internet Marketing For Small Business Strategies

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Let’s face it: for basically any industry these days, the Internet is the marketplace.  Internet marketing for small business is more crucial than ever, and it’s only going to continue to grow in importance.  While many small business owners understand that an online presence is important for growth, they don’t often see how it’s relevant to their business.  But in fact, no matter what your location or industry, an Internet presence can only be positive for your company.  Here are some Internet marketing strategies often overlooked by small businesses and the ways you can start utilizing them.

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Internet Marketing Strategies Quick Look: Social Media & Emails

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Nothing has changed the nature of marketing in the last couple of decades quite like the explosion of the Internet. Physical marketing efforts like pamphlets and posters have all but disappeared, replaced by the cold efficiency of Internet strategies designed to reach incredible amounts of people at a fraction of the price. Two of the best ways to market your small business today are through social media and emails, and the following Internet marketing guide is designed to provide you a quick look at these different approaches so that you can decide for yourself how these strategies would work best for your business.

Social Media

Go outside, sit for a moment and take a close look at all the people you see. Odds are almost everyone you meet is on a device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet or some hybrid of the two. It’s pretty much a compulsion at this point, as if people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they didn’t have Internet access.

This is terrible news for the human race, but it’s great news for you and your business. Because of the prevalence of social media, it’s become just about the single most effective way to connect with people. At the very least, it’s the most effective way to bombard people with information. By having some social media presence, even if it’s a single Twitter or Facebook page, you’ve given yourself a chance to reach millions. Just think of a catchy or humorous way to sell your business, and you’re on the right track.


If social media is how people keep each other updated on their day-to-day personal lives, emails are how people keep each other updated on business. Gone are the days of letters; it’s just much simpler and faster to shoot an email. It’s also one of the best ways to keep people aware of your business. As long as you word the subject line cleverly enough to avoid the Spam folder, odds are that your email will get seen. As with social media posts, make the text catchy, and you’re all good—and considering it’s all free anyway, why not go all out?

Which Is Better?

Social media posts and mass emails are not mutually exclusive, and as such, there’s no right answer here. You can use both very easily, so why not do just that? In fact, when it comes to Internet marketing strategies for small businesses, it’s important to use both. Having witty or attractive social media posts will generate interest in your business and drive potential customers to you, but you need to have a way to keep them personally updated on the goings on at your firm. Emails are the best way to do that. In other words, having a strong social media presence will grow your email database, and having strong emails will boost your social media accounts. They really do work as a tandem, and if you’re going to market your business in today’s Internet age, you’ll need to be more than familiar with both.

If you have further questions on the topic, don’t hesitate to contact Standard Marketing. We have almost two decades of Internet marketing experience, and we can help guide your small business in the right direction today.

5 Tips to Step Up Your Online Marketing Efforts

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Internet marketing for small businesses could be a daunting task for those without a whole lot of web experience. Old school, door-to-door marketing techniques have all but disappeared in the last decade and a half, and if you’re not up on the times, your business could suffer in the long run. It’s also important to keep in mind that the Internet itself changes rapidly, and what you may have done a few years ago to boost your online marketing may not be working anymore.

The following five tips from Standard Marketing should help jumpstart efforts to improve your small business Internet marketing strategy.

  1. Use Social Media

Nothing seems to influence people in today’s age quite like social media. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., online newsfeeds reach massive amounts of people. True, many people skip over redundant or inapplicable posts, but if your small business doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re not even giving yourself a chance. Start immediately advertising your product or services by signing up for a social media account today.

  1. Regularly Add New Content

You’ll never reach the top of Internet search rankings unless you’re regularly adding new content to your website. Of course this doesn’t mean just add any old post. Whatever content you decide to publish to your website should be informative and applicable to your product or service. A great way to stay on top of this is by adding a blog to your website where you can directly post new content as it becomes available.

  1. Send Lots of Emails

It costs virtually nothing to send an email, and for those trying to market on a budget, sending out a barrage of emails is definitely one way to go. This is especially important for keeping past customers updated on new deals that you may be offering, turning regular customers into loyal ones. The thing to keep in mind here is keeping your emails from going directly to the Spam folder. For this you’ll have to pay particularly close attention to your wording. Choose the right ones in the subject line, and people will read what you have to say.

  1. Optimize Your Website

This is a pretty broad tip, but here’s the gist. If you want your small business Internet marketing strategies to work, you’ll need to make your website appealing. The trick here is stuffing your website headings, meta descriptions and general content with as many keywords as possible. This will make your website more attractive to search engines, though adding in too many will likely turn viewers away.

  1. Hire a Marketing Firm

At the end of the day, it may just be best to leave the Internet marketing of your small business in the hands of professionals. This will not only ensure the success of your marketing goals but also free you up to do what you do best: provide quality products and services for your customers. If you are indeed looking for a marketing firm to take over your Internet endeavors, Standard Marketing may just be the way to go. Contact us to find out more.

The Importance of Social Media

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Years ago, it was hard to believe that social media would be such an important aspect in our everyday lives. From Facebook to Snapchat, social media trends come and go, but one thing about the online world is certain: social media is here to stay. Some users are especially loyal to social media sites because it helps them stay in touch with old friends—but social media has a place in our professional lives, too.

For many companies, social media is an essential tool for marketing, customer feedback and various day-to-day responsibilities. If you have doubts or have let your online presence fall to the backburner, here are our top reasons for using social media in your business.

Making Connections

The most important thing to remember about social media is that it’s social. If you update your status and do nothing else, chances are you won’t have a large online audience. The Internet is full of potential customers, business partners and friends—so make the most of it! Ask questions and respond to comments. Like pages and share links that your intended audience will find interesting. When you take the time to interact with people, they will notice—and they’ll stick around. Your friend list will be growing in no time!

Promoting Business

Perhaps the most obvious reason for using social media is that it’s an excellent marketing tool. Whether your business is just beginning or an already well-established company, social media can do wonders for online marketing. When you post to Facebook or Twitter, it has the potential to reach a wide audience. For instance, on Facebook, the most popular posts appear at the top of your friends’ newsfeeds—so be sure to use all your resources! On your personal account, invite friends to like your company’s page. Remind them to follow the Twitter and Google+ page, too.

Since social media sites are updated regularly, it is an easy way to keep friends and clients informed about your company. Once you get the hang of using social media sites to your advantage, it will become an irreplaceable part of your online presence.

Boost Search Engine Results

Nowadays, social media sites are typically the top results of a Google search. If your business is lacking a Facebook or Twitter, potential clients could be skipping over your website and onto a more accessible company. Most people only skim through the first page of results, and it is much easier to find information through a Facebook page than it is through a multitude of articles, reviews or other websites. The stronger your social media presence, the more likely it is that search engines will pick up on your company’s sites—and your clients will have a better understanding of your message.

At Standard Marketing, we are dedicated to improving your company’s social media presence. If you are in Vancouver and need assistance with your Internet marketing, contact us to learn more about our services. You can visit our website or call us at 604-722-9375. We can’t wait to get started!

Staying On Track with Your Long Term Marketing Plan

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With the convenience and speed of new technologies and innovations, it can become quite easy to become impatient and even frustrated with those aspects of life that produce results a little less quickly. Even though the luxuries of our modern lives can make us a bit jaded at times, we can’t forget that true success takes time and a lot of hard work. Implementing a long term marketing plan is no exception. It won’t be easy, but here are a few tips on how to achieve the most success from your long term marketing plan.

Own Your Marketing, Get Set, Go!

The best way for you to achieve your marketing goal is to believe that you can and will be successful. It may not seem like much, but belief or the lack there of in your ultimate success can make or break your plan. It takes a lot of courage and willpower to do so, so being mentally unprepared can start you on the wrong track and even lead you to falter in the end. Don’t waste your time on a plan that you don’t truly believe you will accomplish. Have faith in yourself and your goal, and get to it.

Do not let your faith and belief be in vain. While these are truly important, it takes an incredible amount of hard, dedicated work to make them fruitful. Engorge and overwhelm yourself in everything that is your product and expertise. Know what you are selling and know who you are selling to inside and out. Know what compliments or challenges your goal and learn how to incorporate or combat these in your plan. Get closer to your client through networking and surveys. Become completely and totally invested in your market. Remember, you are in this for the long haul, so make the most of it.

Play to Win

At the risk of sounding a bit cynical, do you know your enemy? Are you keeping an eye out on your competition? Don’t fall into the crowd of everyone else that might have a slightly similar idea or playbook. Understand and stay up-to-date with your competition; be not only a competitor but the competitor to beat. If you don’t offer or don’t seem to offer a competitive advantage, what is it that you can offer to the client? Marketing isn’t a problem that needs solving. It is a sport, so play to win.

We can get so tied up in our dreams sometimes to the point that we overwhelm ourselves. It is great to dream and plan big, but it is best to focus on one goal at a time. Going for broke will leave you broke this time. Your work can suffer if your attention and effort is spread too thin. Giving all of your energy and hard work to one idea or project will give you the best and most fruitful results.

Your long term marketing plan is more than possible and achievable if you are willing to put in the time and hard work. Learn how Vancouver Internet marketing can help you achieve your goals today.