Debunking 5 SEO Myths

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SEO is constantly adapting and shifting in an effort to keep up with the latest changes. Even for marketing experts, it can be confusing and frustrating. This is particularly true when there’s so much misinformation out there about the whole thing. With all of that in mind, let’s take some time to debunk some of the biggest SEO myths this year and look at the truth behind the misinformation.

“Local SEO is Pointless”

This is a huge myth—that you shouldn’t waste time with Local SEO. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, local SEO is more important than it ever has been. Google continues to refine its search algorithms to focus heavily on local results. Keep on with the local SEO, and get it sharper than ever.

“ASO Ratings Make Rankings”

For mobile app developers, there’s a ton of focus on ASO rankings these days, with one of the biggest 5 SEO myths being that ratings make rankings and ratings are consequently all that matter. Here’s the truth: ratings don’t really have that much of an effect on rankings. This is truer on iOS than it is on Google Play, but it holds across platforms overall. As mobile first design becomes more popular, this myth could prove dangerous.

“SEO Changes Too Fast to Be Worth It”

Many people think that SEO is just a waste of time and money—the algorithms change too fast and it costs you more to keep up than the benefits. Again, not true. Yes, SEO evolves constantly, but this is a reason to keep up with the trends, not a reason to forget about it altogether. Ignoring SEO means you’re going to lose your search ranking in Google, period.

“All You Need is Meta”

Another confounding myth is that if you have a good meta description, that’ll cover all of your SEO needs. Listen to this one at your peril. That’s not to say that meta isn’t important—it’s vital, in fact—but you also need the right keywords and content approaches for a truly effective SEO strategy.

“Automation Can Cover Your Needs”

This is yet another dangerous myth perpetuated by those looking to take the fast and easy way out and avoid spending time and money on the most effective approach. Shortcuts and automation are never a substitute for the kind of creativity and work that SEO experts and marketing professionals can bring to your website. You simply cannot automate SEO. If you do, those algorithms we keep hearing about will spot the cheat and flag it. This will have exactly the opposite effect on your site that you want.

5 SEO Myths

So what is a company to do when they don’t have the time or manpower to put into expert SEO tactics? Hire a professional Internet marketing consultant like Standard Marketing. Check out our SEO options and services, and give us a call to boost your efforts today.

Overdoing It: Web Design Trends and Mistakes to Avoid

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As is the case every year, there’s a lot of talk lately about current and upcoming trends in web design for internet marketing. We’ve seen lots of information about rich animation, mobile-first design, application of graphics and videos, new programming languages—the upcoming trends are dizzying, and the technology is moving faster than ever. If you’re not careful, you can easily overdo it and end up with a site that uses so many trends it becomes counterproductive. Learn why you need to be careful not to overdo it as you apply the latest in web design trends to your internet marketing efforts.

Overdoing Web Design Trends

As much as you want to jam every trend possible into your website in hopes of hitting on just the right feature combination, overdoing web design trends can make your pages look very busy and cluttered. Even worse, they can interfere with the functionality of the site, which in the end regardless of trends is what your site has to do: it’s got to work.

No matter what service you provide—real estate, ecommerce, general business information or another approach—you need to offer a web presence that is trustworthy, secure, intuitive, user friendly and provides all the information your clients need. For many, a minimalist approach is the best way to go about this

Minimalism and Design Trends

Just because you are using a minimalist approach, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate smart design trends. Minimalism just refers to the look and function of your site. It doesn’t have anything to do with the underlying architecture. Responsive and mobile-first design, in fact, are important trends that actually rely on a minimalist approach.

You can have a banner image on a minimalist site. You can even incorporate animations in the form of hidden drop-down menus, which is one way to apply a design trend to achieve minimalism.

Keep it Simple

The Keep It Sweet and Simple (KISS) approach is an excellent way to make your visitors feel comfortable and pleased with your site, and to get them coming back time and again. Don’t jam web design trends in everywhere you can just to fit them in. Rather, use them to achieve a basic, informative and intuitive approach to your site. Make it look sleek and easy to handle, not cluttered with all the information jammed into one place and thumbnail images everywhere.

Granted, achieving the ideal design for your company marketing site can take a lot of trial and error, experience and experimentation. You need to have all the right SEO elements in place while still making it attractive and informative to your clients. That’s why engaging the services of a professional internet marketing firm like Standard Marketing can be a great way to go. If you need advice about your marketing strategy or an overhaul of your approach, we are ready to help. Review the services we provide and get in touch with us for more information today!

Mobile First Web Design

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These days, the vast majority of web users access the internet for their daily activities through mobile devices. While desktops and laptops are still a strong sector of the market in offices and workplaces, it is tablets and cell phones that dominate the consumer market and are even taking a big chunk of the commercial and professional one. This is why many marketing strategies are looking to mobile first web design in the coming year. Here’s a look at the trend of mobile first web design, its benefits, its drawbacks and why every marketing strategy should consider it in 2016.

Mobile First Web Design

Mobile first web design is an effort to address the growing mobile device use for Internet access. Historically, web designers have turned to computers first—traditional desktops and laptops. They then apply intelligent or responsive web design to make sure that any site they build works the same when viewed mobile.

Now that more users are using smartphones and tablets, the trend is shifting towards designing for these devices first, and then reverse-applying responsive design to make sites work on desktops.

Beyond the Niche

Mobile design isn’t a niche anymore. There are 1.2 billion mobile users of the web over the entire world. A full quarter of users in the U.S. alone access the web only through mobile devices. Nearly 11 billion mobile apps have been downloaded, and the web is something that goes with us everywhere we go these days. The phone in your pocket is a more powerful device than the one that sent the first astronauts to the moon.

Degradation vs. Enhancement

The key in mobile design is progressive enhancement. In the old method, a full-fledged, full-featured website would be built, and features would be removed as the screen size got smaller. With mobile-first, the website is designed at a minimal level, and the site enhanced as it grows to larger platforms.

What this accomplishes is that the best possible website is designed for the mobile platform rather than a watered-down version of the full one. What is then added on larger platforms are a few bells and whistles while keeping the underlying architecture lean and sleek. Your website will load faster and work better with a more basic underlying build.

The Down Side

The real downside is that it can be very tricky to approach mobile design effectively. Your options are more limited than they are with responsive design. It can be a headache to come up with the ideal design that is built for a small screen, less real estate and lower processing power.

This, however, is why it’s good to turn to a professional internet marketing firm to work with you on your content. If you would like more information on building content for a mobile first design, we can help. Read more about what we do and drop us a line for more information today!

Hot Trends in Internet Content Marketing for 2016

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As we head full steam into the new year, it’s time for another re-evaluation of content marketing strategies. The environment of internet-based marketing, search engine optimization and web design are ever changing and evolving, and every good marketing department needs to stay on top of the latest developments to keep an edge over the competition. Here are a few of the hottest upcoming trends in content marketing for 2016.

Mobile Internet Content Marketing First

Up till now smart design has been a gradually more important role for marketing manages to fill, but overall design has still been focused on computers rather than mobile devices, with sites then adapted to fit the app and mobile niche. Pay close attention, because in the coming year a major shift is coming—apps and mobile design will be first, with smart design then applied to computers secondarily. The majority of Internet users now access the web through mobile devices, and that means it has to become a primary focus.

Social Media SEO

It’s something that maybe we all should have seen coming: people are beginning to skip search engines when looking for information, and are going straight for social networks. This makes some sense, especially if your Internet content marketing strategy ties your social media to your website. This is going to result in a shift in SEO strategy which will be geared towards social media searches—you’re going to want to be found not only on Google, but on Facebook as well.

New Social Media Focus

Strategies are going to shift away from Facebook somewhat and onto newer and up-and-coming platforms. This is because the average age of Facebook’s audience is getting older and targeting the younger set will require focus on new platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Instant Articles

Facebook, however, isn’t going quietly into the night. They just launched Instant Articles, a technology which allows for constant and instant publication of streaming content the moment it is ready for release. This means that major publishers such as the New York Times and BuzzFeed are signing on. As this technology opens up to more users, it could potentially be a game-changer.

Focus on Quality

The demand for quality content is going to soar in 2016. This means that in order to keep ahead of your competition, your marketing efforts have to be nothing short of top notch. Preference continues to shift away from articles and over to images and videos. With technology available to everyone, the videos you post have to be professional, polished and of the very best quality. Latching onto the latest and greatest isn’t enough—you need to get good at it.

These are just a few of the trends in content marketing over the coming year. If you need an expert service to help you stay abreast of the latest movements and kick your marketing to the next level, we can help. Read about what we do, and get in touch with us for more information today.

Material Design and Internet Marketing

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In 2014 Google unveiled a new style language for web design. This language is called Material Design, and it is intended to make better use of depth, movement and shadow effects to create more eye-catching and realistic web design concepts. This is an up-and-coming trend in web design and savvy internet marketers would do well to consider how to best integrate it into their overall brand and marketing scheme. Here’s a look at how Material Design can be used to boost your overall internet marketing platform.

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Animation and Web Design

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Interactive web design is the hottest upcoming trend, and it’s likely here to stay. The more eye-catching and interactive you can make your website, the more effective it will be as a part of a strong internet marketing campaign. Your website tells a story—the story of your business—and one of the best ways to enhance this story is to use animation. You have to be careful, however, in how you use animation on your site because the wrong approach can take a striking design and make it look cluttered and annoying. Here are some tips on effective animation and web design for internet marketing.

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The Latest Web Design Trends

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Web design seems to be constantly shifting and changing as professionals and Internet marketing firms look for the best, most efficient way of advertising their clients’ businesses, managing online reputations and engaging the best strategies for search engine optimization. Every web designer and internet marketer has to be at the top of their game and well versed in the latest trends. Here are the latest web design trends that you need to be aware of in the coming year.

UI Patterns

Responsive design has been an issue for several years now. This means that your website must use a design scheme that allows it to look and work the same no matter what platform it is viewed upon. This means that it has to be fully functional on a tablet, smartphone or computer, and that isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Responsive design has created a booming market of template-based user interfaces (UI patterns) that tend to make many sites look the same. It’s hard to stand out in this climate. Still, that’s not necessarily bad. When sites look similar, they are easier and more intuitive to use. You may not want to shy away from template-based web design.

Account Registration

More and more sites are requiring registration to access their full features. This could be through a form or a button that allows connecting to a social media account like Facebook. This is useful because it allows you to build a database of potential clients and contacts. The trick is to make such registration intuitive and unobtrusive. The more invasive or time-consuming it seems, the more counterproductive for you it becomes.

Long Scrolling

Long scrolling is no longer a faux-pas. Indeed, in this day and age, it’s expected, and it can be a very useful way to create a visually engaging site that uses images, graphics and section breaks to mimic a multi-page design without users having to click through a series of links. It allows all of the information to be right there in one place, saving the user from having to remember what page on which they saw item X.

Pinterest-Style Layouts

Layouts that use frames called “cards” are growing in popularity, largely due to sites like Pinterest. Even Microsoft adopted the style for their “Metro UI” interface. This kind of layout is highly customizable and allows graphical representation of information in easy-to-digest chunks. It also looks very modern and cool.

Eye-Catching Imagery

Large, high-def and eye-catching imagery at the top of every page is now almost a must. Facebook adopted the standard a couple years back, calling it a “Cover Photo,” and websites all over the web are using it as well—it’s become a part of that template-based UI pattern, and for good reason. It grabs the user right from the start.

These are just a few of the new web trends to watch out for in the coming year. If you would like help with your Internet marketing strategy, read up on our services, and get in touch with us for answers to all of your questions today.

A Brief Guide to Local SEO

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has been the major buzz term in internet marketing efforts for years now, and for good reason. Effective SEO strategies are the only way to get your business noticed online. Such strategies enable your firm to show up early in search results, so that when people are looking for the services you offer, you’re right there. Beyond regular SEO, however, it is vital to optimize your efforts for the local region. Here is a quick field guide to the best practices in local SEO for your internet marketing Vancouver efforts.

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Online Holiday Marketing Strategies

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The holiday season is upon us once again, and that means not only friends, family and fun, but new strategies for internet marketing and business incentives as well! Everyone is focused on the best way to build their business during this all-important season, and it’s perhaps more vital at this time of year than any other to really engage your clients in order to hit your market and keep your business soaring. Here are some best practices for plying your Vancouver internet marketing strategies during the holiday season.

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Best B2B Options for Social Networking

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Internet marketing Vancouver

Social media is vital when it comes to Business-to-Business, or B2B, marketing and branding. Using these resources, however, requires a knowledge of how to properly focus your business on any given social media platform. Each has its own usefulness and must be utilized in the right way to get the maximum bang for your buck and avoid investing time and effort into a channel that could yield far better results. Here is a look at several of the top social media platforms for your internet marketing Vancouver channels.

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