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5 Tips to Step Up Your Online Marketing Efforts

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Internet marketing for small businesses could be a daunting task for those without a whole lot of web experience. Old school, door-to-door marketing techniques have all but disappeared in the last decade and a half, and if you’re not up on the times, your business could suffer in the long run. It’s also important to keep in mind that the Internet itself changes rapidly, and what you may have done a few years ago to boost your online marketing may not be working anymore.

The following five tips from Standard Marketing should help jumpstart efforts to improve your small business Internet marketing strategy.

  1. Use Social Media

Nothing seems to influence people in today’s age quite like social media. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., online newsfeeds reach massive amounts of people. True, many people skip over redundant or inapplicable posts, but if your small business doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re not even giving yourself a chance. Start immediately advertising your product or services by signing up for a social media account today.

  1. Regularly Add New Content

You’ll never reach the top of Internet search rankings unless you’re regularly adding new content to your website. Of course this doesn’t mean just add any old post. Whatever content you decide to publish to your website should be informative and applicable to your product or service. A great way to stay on top of this is by adding a blog to your website where you can directly post new content as it becomes available.

  1. Send Lots of Emails

It costs virtually nothing to send an email, and for those trying to market on a budget, sending out a barrage of emails is definitely one way to go. This is especially important for keeping past customers updated on new deals that you may be offering, turning regular customers into loyal ones. The thing to keep in mind here is keeping your emails from going directly to the Spam folder. For this you’ll have to pay particularly close attention to your wording. Choose the right ones in the subject line, and people will read what you have to say.

  1. Optimize Your Website

This is a pretty broad tip, but here’s the gist. If you want your small business Internet marketing strategies to work, you’ll need to make your website appealing. The trick here is stuffing your website headings, meta descriptions and general content with as many keywords as possible. This will make your website more attractive to search engines, though adding in too many will likely turn viewers away.

  1. Hire a Marketing Firm

At the end of the day, it may just be best to leave the Internet marketing of your small business in the hands of professionals. This will not only ensure the success of your marketing goals but also free you up to do what you do best: provide quality products and services for your customers. If you are indeed looking for a marketing firm to take over your Internet endeavors, Standard Marketing may just be the way to go. Contact us to find out more.

Staying On Track with Your Long Term Marketing Plan

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With the convenience and speed of new technologies and innovations, it can become quite easy to become impatient and even frustrated with those aspects of life that produce results a little less quickly. Even though the luxuries of our modern lives can make us a bit jaded at times, we can’t forget that true success takes time and a lot of hard work. Implementing a long term marketing plan is no exception. It won’t be easy, but here are a few tips on how to achieve the most success from your long term marketing plan.

Own Your Marketing, Get Set, Go!

The best way for you to achieve your marketing goal is to believe that you can and will be successful. It may not seem like much, but belief or the lack there of in your ultimate success can make or break your plan. It takes a lot of courage and willpower to do so, so being mentally unprepared can start you on the wrong track and even lead you to falter in the end. Don’t waste your time on a plan that you don’t truly believe you will accomplish. Have faith in yourself and your goal, and get to it.

Do not let your faith and belief be in vain. While these are truly important, it takes an incredible amount of hard, dedicated work to make them fruitful. Engorge and overwhelm yourself in everything that is your product and expertise. Know what you are selling and know who you are selling to inside and out. Know what compliments or challenges your goal and learn how to incorporate or combat these in your plan. Get closer to your client through networking and surveys. Become completely and totally invested in your market. Remember, you are in this for the long haul, so make the most of it.

Play to Win

At the risk of sounding a bit cynical, do you know your enemy? Are you keeping an eye out on your competition? Don’t fall into the crowd of everyone else that might have a slightly similar idea or playbook. Understand and stay up-to-date with your competition; be not only a competitor but the competitor to beat. If you don’t offer or don’t seem to offer a competitive advantage, what is it that you can offer to the client? Marketing isn’t a problem that needs solving. It is a sport, so play to win.

We can get so tied up in our dreams sometimes to the point that we overwhelm ourselves. It is great to dream and plan big, but it is best to focus on one goal at a time. Going for broke will leave you broke this time. Your work can suffer if your attention and effort is spread too thin. Giving all of your energy and hard work to one idea or project will give you the best and most fruitful results.

Your long term marketing plan is more than possible and achievable if you are willing to put in the time and hard work. Learn how Vancouver Internet marketing can help you achieve your goals today.

Hot Trends in Internet Content Marketing for 2016

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As we head full steam into the new year, it’s time for another re-evaluation of content marketing strategies. The environment of internet-based marketing, search engine optimization and web design are ever changing and evolving, and every good marketing department needs to stay on top of the latest developments to keep an edge over the competition. Here are a few of the hottest upcoming trends in content marketing for 2016.

Mobile Internet Content Marketing First

Up till now smart design has been a gradually more important role for marketing manages to fill, but overall design has still been focused on computers rather than mobile devices, with sites then adapted to fit the app and mobile niche. Pay close attention, because in the coming year a major shift is coming—apps and mobile design will be first, with smart design then applied to computers secondarily. The majority of Internet users now access the web through mobile devices, and that means it has to become a primary focus.

Social Media SEO

It’s something that maybe we all should have seen coming: people are beginning to skip search engines when looking for information, and are going straight for social networks. This makes some sense, especially if your Internet content marketing strategy ties your social media to your website. This is going to result in a shift in SEO strategy which will be geared towards social media searches—you’re going to want to be found not only on Google, but on Facebook as well.

New Social Media Focus

Strategies are going to shift away from Facebook somewhat and onto newer and up-and-coming platforms. This is because the average age of Facebook’s audience is getting older and targeting the younger set will require focus on new platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Instant Articles

Facebook, however, isn’t going quietly into the night. They just launched Instant Articles, a technology which allows for constant and instant publication of streaming content the moment it is ready for release. This means that major publishers such as the New York Times and BuzzFeed are signing on. As this technology opens up to more users, it could potentially be a game-changer.

Focus on Quality

The demand for quality content is going to soar in 2016. This means that in order to keep ahead of your competition, your marketing efforts have to be nothing short of top notch. Preference continues to shift away from articles and over to images and videos. With technology available to everyone, the videos you post have to be professional, polished and of the very best quality. Latching onto the latest and greatest isn’t enough—you need to get good at it.

These are just a few of the trends in content marketing over the coming year. If you need an expert service to help you stay abreast of the latest movements and kick your marketing to the next level, we can help. Read about what we do, and get in touch with us for more information today.

Material Design and Internet Marketing

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In 2014 Google unveiled a new style language for web design. This language is called Material Design, and it is intended to make better use of depth, movement and shadow effects to create more eye-catching and realistic web design concepts. This is an up-and-coming trend in web design and savvy internet marketers would do well to consider how to best integrate it into their overall brand and marketing scheme. Here’s a look at how Material Design can be used to boost your overall internet marketing platform.

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The Latest Web Design Trends

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Web design seems to be constantly shifting and changing as professionals and Internet marketing firms look for the best, most efficient way of advertising their clients’ businesses, managing online reputations and engaging the best strategies for search engine optimization. Every web designer and internet marketer has to be at the top of their game and well versed in the latest trends. Here are the latest web design trends that you need to be aware of in the coming year.

UI Patterns

Responsive design has been an issue for several years now. This means that your website must use a design scheme that allows it to look and work the same no matter what platform it is viewed upon. This means that it has to be fully functional on a tablet, smartphone or computer, and that isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Responsive design has created a booming market of template-based user interfaces (UI patterns) that tend to make many sites look the same. It’s hard to stand out in this climate. Still, that’s not necessarily bad. When sites look similar, they are easier and more intuitive to use. You may not want to shy away from template-based web design.

Account Registration

More and more sites are requiring registration to access their full features. This could be through a form or a button that allows connecting to a social media account like Facebook. This is useful because it allows you to build a database of potential clients and contacts. The trick is to make such registration intuitive and unobtrusive. The more invasive or time-consuming it seems, the more counterproductive for you it becomes.

Long Scrolling

Long scrolling is no longer a faux-pas. Indeed, in this day and age, it’s expected, and it can be a very useful way to create a visually engaging site that uses images, graphics and section breaks to mimic a multi-page design without users having to click through a series of links. It allows all of the information to be right there in one place, saving the user from having to remember what page on which they saw item X.

Pinterest-Style Layouts

Layouts that use frames called “cards” are growing in popularity, largely due to sites like Pinterest. Even Microsoft adopted the style for their “Metro UI” interface. This kind of layout is highly customizable and allows graphical representation of information in easy-to-digest chunks. It also looks very modern and cool.

Eye-Catching Imagery

Large, high-def and eye-catching imagery at the top of every page is now almost a must. Facebook adopted the standard a couple years back, calling it a “Cover Photo,” and websites all over the web are using it as well—it’s become a part of that template-based UI pattern, and for good reason. It grabs the user right from the start.

These are just a few of the new web trends to watch out for in the coming year. If you would like help with your Internet marketing strategy, read up on our services, and get in touch with us for answers to all of your questions today.

A Brief Guide to Local SEO

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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has been the major buzz term in internet marketing efforts for years now, and for good reason. Effective SEO strategies are the only way to get your business noticed online. Such strategies enable your firm to show up early in search results, so that when people are looking for the services you offer, you’re right there. Beyond regular SEO, however, it is vital to optimize your efforts for the local region. Here is a quick field guide to the best practices in local SEO for your internet marketing Vancouver efforts.

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Online Holiday Marketing Strategies

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The holiday season is upon us once again, and that means not only friends, family and fun, but new strategies for internet marketing and business incentives as well! Everyone is focused on the best way to build their business during this all-important season, and it’s perhaps more vital at this time of year than any other to really engage your clients in order to hit your market and keep your business soaring. Here are some best practices for plying your Vancouver internet marketing strategies during the holiday season.

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Best B2B Options for Social Networking

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Social media is vital when it comes to Business-to-Business, or B2B, marketing and branding. Using these resources, however, requires a knowledge of how to properly focus your business on any given social media platform. Each has its own usefulness and must be utilized in the right way to get the maximum bang for your buck and avoid investing time and effort into a channel that could yield far better results. Here is a look at several of the top social media platforms for your internet marketing Vancouver channels.

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Video Marketing Set to Be a Top Trend of 2016

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Video marketing could just be the biggest topic in 2016 for businesses of any size. As competition for online views heats up, more and more brands are turning to the power of video. Content marketing through videos impacts audiences in ways brands dream about while spreading the conversations far and wide.

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How to Craft Your Content Strategy for 2016

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The New Year is rapidly approaching, and it presents opportunities for businesses to turn a new leaf in their overall goal-setting and strategy formation. If content marketing is not on your radar already, 2016 is as good a time as any to catch up to what the rest of businesses are doing. 93 percent of marketers currently use content marketing as one of their strategies for lead generation, brand building and search engine marketing in general.

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