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Why You Need To Add Social To Your SEO

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There has been a shift in what search engines like Google prioritise in SEO. It used to be that the page ranking was just determined by singular keywords. As the algorithm that Google uses to determine page ranking has evolved, so have the demands of the people searching. People aren’t looking for a web page that just has a list of words – they are looking for a website that can solve their problem.
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Increase in “Near Me” Google Searches Makes Local SEO Critical

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Google handles billions of searches per day worldwide. These days, the majority of them will be coming from mobile users. These users look to their phones for immediate answers to their problems, something Google refers to as a “micro-moment” of need.  

In the case of finding local goods and services, search users will frequently signal their intent to visit a physical location by searching for a specific business “near me,” such as the query: “transmission repair near me.”  

These “___ near me” searches have exploded in recent years, and five times more of them happen on mobile devices compared to desktop computers, meaning people are already in their cars or on-the-go when they search. Only a small percentage of these searches result in clicks, but they can easily translate to an in-store visit and a customer transaction.

Put together, the “near me” search trend is a driving force for local business revenue, one that means small businesses must have local SEO strategies in place if they want to capture customers near them quite literally searching for a place to spend their money.

What Happens When Someone Searches for a Local Business

When looking for a local business, very few customers need to see a full website. What they actually want is the most pertinent information: store hours, location, and business offerings — like whether or not you offer specific services. 

As an example of specific service, someone may not be just searching for “bakery near me,” but may also add the qualifier “gluten-free bakery near me.” This query can absolutely pull up a bakery that is 100 percent gluten-free, but smaller bakeries — and places like grocery stores that sell some baked goods — can still rank for these searches if they include the relevant keywords on their website.

After searching for a query like “gluten free bakery near me,” the search user will be looking for a few things: 

  • Whether the store will be open during their intended time to visit
  • A phone number to possibly contact the location
  • An indication that the location can fulfill their specific need, in this case some indication in the page’s title tag, meta description or text snippet that they offer gluten-free baked goods of some sort
  • Google reviews, indicating the quality of the business
  • Whether any of the business listings stand out from others, especially in terms of reviews 

Quite often, someone will be able to glean all of this information from the search engine results page (SERP) and then close out the tab or go to a phone call without ever clicking on the business’s website.  

But, counter-intuitively, these businesses need to optimize their website in order to make their local SEO strategy work. Optimized websites will allow Google to present all of the information a customer needs and help that business win a customer over their competition. So, even if few people click on your website, how you optimize it can win you local business directly from the SERP.

How Your Business Can Rank for “___ Near Me Searches” Using Local SEO

Ranking for “___ near me” searches requires a few SEO best practices:

  • The proper schema markup on your “About Us” page, which can allow Google to quickly and accurately fetch your business name, address and phone number information
  • An updated, accurate Google My Business profile with your main business website listed
  • Keyword optimized, locally focused pages — or even separate websites — for each of your locations; try to use the specific neighbourhood for each location rather than a general region like “metro Vancouver”
  • An online review strategy in place to increase the quantity and quality of customer reviews
  • Consistent content publishing using optimized keywords, such as “gluten-free bakery in Yaletown”
  • Diligent monitoring of your key digital marketing metrics as well as your current ranking compared to competition

Many small business owners do not have the time or expertise to handle all of these tasks and excel at them. If they want to improve their digital marketing efforts and ensure they can win consistent business through local mobile searches, they can look to an expert local SEO marketing company to develop a winning strategy. Then, when people search for a business like yours near them, you will be the best one that they see!

Improving Your Google Search Ranking

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Think about it: what is the purpose of Internet marketing for small business? Of course, the purpose of any marketing is to encourage prospective clients or customers to purchase your product or service. However, before you can make a sale from prospects on the Internet, you first have to attract them to your website.

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Debunking 5 SEO Myths

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SEO is constantly adapting and shifting in an effort to keep up with the latest changes. Even for marketing experts, it can be confusing and frustrating. This is particularly true when there’s so much misinformation out there about the whole thing. With all of that in mind, let’s take some time to debunk some of the biggest SEO myths this year and look at the truth behind the misinformation.

“Local SEO is Pointless”

This is a huge myth—that you shouldn’t waste time with Local SEO. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, local SEO is more important than it ever has been. Google continues to refine its search algorithms to focus heavily on local results. Keep on with the local SEO, and get it sharper than ever.

“ASO Ratings Make Rankings”

For mobile app developers, there’s a ton of focus on ASO rankings these days, with one of the biggest 5 SEO myths being that ratings make rankings and ratings are consequently all that matter. Here’s the truth: ratings don’t really have that much of an effect on rankings. This is truer on iOS than it is on Google Play, but it holds across platforms overall. As mobile first design becomes more popular, this myth could prove dangerous.

“SEO Changes Too Fast to Be Worth It”

Many people think that SEO is just a waste of time and money—the algorithms change too fast and it costs you more to keep up than the benefits. Again, not true. Yes, SEO evolves constantly, but this is a reason to keep up with the trends, not a reason to forget about it altogether. Ignoring SEO means you’re going to lose your search ranking in Google, period.

“All You Need is Meta”

Another confounding myth is that if you have a good meta description, that’ll cover all of your SEO needs. Listen to this one at your peril. That’s not to say that meta isn’t important—it’s vital, in fact—but you also need the right keywords and content approaches for a truly effective SEO strategy.

“Automation Can Cover Your Needs”

This is yet another dangerous myth perpetuated by those looking to take the fast and easy way out and avoid spending time and money on the most effective approach. Shortcuts and automation are never a substitute for the kind of creativity and work that SEO experts and marketing professionals can bring to your website. You simply cannot automate SEO. If you do, those algorithms we keep hearing about will spot the cheat and flag it. This will have exactly the opposite effect on your site that you want.

5 SEO Myths

So what is a company to do when they don’t have the time or manpower to put into expert SEO tactics? Hire a professional Internet marketing consultant like Standard Marketing. Check out our SEO options and services, and give us a call to boost your efforts today.

3 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Online Ads

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Digital Advertising

Online display ads and targeted ads like Google’s AdWords can offer a fairly handsome return on investment — presuming, of course, they are done right. Your goal with the ads is to not just get views, but to get a high rate of clicks per view. This metric is called your click through rate (CTR), and it is measured by simply dividing your number of clicks by the number of views.

Increasing your CTR involves getting a feel for your market over time. Every business offers something different to a consumer, and establishing how you communicate your unique product and values to audiences will be a skill you continue honing for years. To help you get started, here are some general tips that almost always increase CTR: Read more on 3 Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Online Ads

The Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

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Now that smartphones are just as sophisticated and powerful as many laptop computers, the days of dedicated mobile websites are over. Instead, one code can be used to create a website that looks great on multiple platforms. Called “responsive design,” this approach lets developers create a flexible website that automatically adjusts to the screen and environment it is displayed on. Responsive design offers major advantages compared to other methods of accommodating multiple devices. Here is why: Read more on The Benefits of a Responsive Website Design

Top Agent Internet Marketing Exclusively For Real Estate Agents

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We are proud to announce today that we at Standard Marketing just launched Top Agent Internet Marketing, our brain child that was formed from our 16+ years of success working with real estate agents and realtors.

Top Agent Internet Marketing works with North America’s top performing real estate agents to increase the number of qualified leads they receive from their website. We only work with a limited number of agents and brokers in each local area across North America.

This is a full service real estate online marketing agency focused on delivering value and results to real estate agent through seo, web design, social media, sponsored search, and more – everything a real estate agent needs to become a Top Agent in there local marketing.

Would you like to have a steady, reliable stream of leads, clients, and freedom in your life and real estate business? If your answer is yes then please visit us at Top Agent Internet Marketing today.

Google Mobile Ranking Algorithm Update – Responsive Design Mandatory

Google Mobile Ranking Algorithm Update

32 days. If you’ve found this article today, that’s all you have to adopt responsive design for your business’ website.

Last month Google casually put a date to the long anticipated release of mobile-friendliness being a major ranking factor in smartphone search results. From April 21/2015 forward, any prospective customer of yours using an iPhone, Android, or tablet to search for information on your industry offering will either be more likely to find your website, or less likely, depending upon whether or not you pass Google’s mobile test. Industry experts are calling this algorithm update bigger than Penguin or Panda. If you’ve been following my recent posts on Penguin and Panda then you know such a statement is nothing to take lightly.

The great news, is that it’s not too late if your website is not ready for this update. You have time to take action. But before you do, please take note of the following regarding Google’s call to mobilize websites across the world:

Why Mobile Optimization is Now Mandatory for Your Online Business

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The Difference Between SEO and SEM

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6821551_mWith the emergence of digital marketing has come a huge array of acronyms and internet vernacular. So when you see terms like SEO and SEM, you may be wondering what exactly they mean. SEM stands for search engine marketing, while SEO refers to search engine optimization. What’s the difference between these two seemingly interchangeable acronyms? We’ll help explain what these terms mean and why they are different.

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Top Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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Handing Over the House Keys in Front of a Beautiful New Home.

The real estate market in 2015 is looking up, but is also looking extremely competitive. Real estate agents need every angle they can leverage to build strong business. Keeping visible is the key to success in this industry. Choosing the right tools and making the right approach to marketing your business can make the difference between sales and struggling. Here are some top marketing ideas for real estate agents.

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