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6 Things Surfing Taught Me About SEO for a Local Business

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Professionals have been applying the philosophies of sport and leisure to the act of running a successful business since the very first hut opened its doors to customers. In the world of online marketing I’ve heard analagous explanations that compare the likes of chess, golf, and football to what we do. While I don’t play either one of the aforementioned I do surf. As a lifestyle sport that has its participants bobbing up and down on the ocean for hours on end it leaves you with plenty of time to think. During a recent session as I waited out a lull in the swell my mind drifted to the office (as it shouldn’t) and I connected the dots as to how surfing has not only impacted my philosophies on life in general, but also with respect to this industry of search engine optimization. Too far reaching? Not at all. Read below to find out how the philosophies of this lifestyle sport apply directly to your website marketing strategies.

6 Ways Surfing Can Teach You How to Manage Your SEO & Website Expectations

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5 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks (& What You Can Do About It)

Your Blog Sucks Hipster

Bringing your typewriter to Starbucks to blog is one indicator (“look at me!” says Hipster…)

Encouraging clients to maintain a weekly blog is the one tip that all intelligible SEO consultants will recommend. Many clients give it a shot but are quickly discouraged one month into it because they didn’t immediately catapult to Google Page One and subsequently sell 1000 widgets (or whatever their product/service offering is) because of their efforts. Putting aside the fact that maintaining a blog is only a part of the solution to improving one’s website SEO, the reason that 99% of blogosphere activity is completely ineffective in improving search rank for a website where the blog is hosted is from poor execution.

I have no intention of putting an end to blog bashing by those business owners claiming that blogs are a waste of time in their website marketing campaign – let them rant (offline apparently). Instead, I’m here to offer a few easy to follow tips on how you, the open minded brand manager, can change your current blogging strategy and ultimately improve your search engine results, traffic, and customer acquisition opportunity.

Why Your Blog Sucks & How You Can Fix It:

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Why Your Business Must Be On Google+

Google+ has been receiving mixed reviews since it launched less than a year ago. Introduced as a Social Media tool, it felt nothing like one. As the months passed, changes were implemented almost weekly that steered Google+ more towards a familiar social media format, yet the inconsistent “message” of what it was all about kept many users at bay. Circles and the +1 confused more than a few and businesses were unsure about how to use brand pages as an effective tool to promote their product/service. So the question asks – should your business be active on Google+? Yes. Starting right now.

Today, May 31, Google Places was removed and replaced with Google+ Local Pages – a major leap for Google+ serving as another indicator that Google is making moves to further solidify its position as not only the dominant search engine, but as a priority for a business’ online social presence.

Below, we’ve created a 10 item list to explain why your business should place Google+ at the head of its social media marketing mix:

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The F.A.C.T.S. of Content Sharing to Gain Customers

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Content sharing is the cornerstone of internet marketing today. A few years back, businesses felt it best to hold their cards close to their chests, believing that the sharing of industry information in an open public forum would make them vulnerable to competition, that thoughts and ideas would be taken by rival businesses and manipulated to come across as their own and ultimately be used to enhance their own image in the eyes of the consumer. Yes, that happens, but so what? Internet business is a virtual playground privy to the eyes of everyone that decides to wander in. Sure, you could take your ball and go home, but guess what? The game goes on without you in this scenario.

The emergence of social media has proven that the sharing of information between both business to business and business to consumer sects is here to stay. Standard Marketing once again is here to put the “proof in the pudding” with some advice of our own to help you manipulate your own campaign with what we call The F.A.C.T.S. of Content Sharing to Gain Customers:

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Is Pinterest in the Best Interest of Your Business?

Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking site in history. In essence, it is a virtual scrapbook where users can collect (Pin) their favorite images from across the web onto their own boards (categorized scrapbooks). In February, it drove more website traffic than Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google + combined. This month it counted almost 18 million accounts, which according to Comscore, is up approximately 50% from last month, and it is still not completely open to the public. Users have to be invited, but the chances are that you know someone on Pinterest so it shouldn’t be too hard requesting an invite. It’s simple, easy to use, and visually attractive and a great way to promote any business where photographs and images can serve as marketing tools to promote their product or service. When you “Pin” an image directly from your site, it links from the image board on Pinterest back to your webpage, which can be a “Purchase” page or other valuable “Call to Action”.

Before you run off and hire a new photographer or get your graphic designer to throw that stack of “to do’s” off of their desk to focus solely on this engaging new social media platform, we’ve provided a few considerations to take in as to whether or not Pinterest is for your business:

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