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Your New Year’s Internet Marketing Resolutions


All jokes aside, your WEB presence is essential to your better business resolutions for 2013

The New Year has begun and as 2012 passed the torch to 2013 many of you made resolutions not just as individuals but as businesses. While gym memberships may fall to the wayside after a month or two of well-intentioned efforts your business may not be able to recover by putting improvements off for another year. This is especially true when it comes to your website – the internet knows no time lag and every step forward that your website doesn’t take in fact results in a step back.

To make sure you start 2013 off on the right foot I thought I’d introduce your 5 New Year’s Internet Marketing Resolutions based on trends exploding in 2012 that are certain to carry over into the next annum and beyond:

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What a $3 Million Dollar Website Looks Like

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The City of Vancouver revamped their website after receiving a failing grade from the public three years ago. Apparently the public hated it. Today the city launched the new website and for some reason the city actually admitted that it came with a price tag of $3 million dollars. For $3 million dollars, a hologram of Mayor Robertson better jump out of the screen, offer me a latte, and guide me through each page.

While the work that goes into building a website can never truly be seen on its “face”, which is why the backlash against the $3 million dollar cost is so strong, I have to admit that the talk around our internet marketing firm water cooler this morning is centered on dissecting every page of this apparent Picasso of websites – a messy but expensive piece. Sure, we can already tell that the functionality is great and it certainly involved some world class work, but for $3 million dollars it better be darn near perfect, correction – perfect.


Without jumping on a soapbox and shaking a fist at the establishment demanding an accounting of where exactly each tax payer penny went into the website, I simply thought I’d provide a light hearted assessment of how this $3 million dollar website falls a little short:

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Why Your Website Should Go Mobile

I was riding public transit the other day. I glanced up after sending an email from my iPhone and saw passengers toiling away either on their Apple, Android, or Blackberry device. There wasn’t a newspaper in sight.

After disembarking I entered a café for a quick latte and witnessed tables full of patrons on iPads and various tablets without one laptop in the vicinity. I made my way from the café and entered my building where I hopped on the elevator with others. As soon as the doors closed we bowed their heads (as if we had entered sacred ground) to scroll through our smartphones to pass the seconds it took to arrive at our respective floors. An hour later, in the gym, my cardio session was distracted by fellow fitness enthusiasts who perched themselves on treadmills and stationary bikes, not clutching bottles of water, but mobile internet devices.

The revolution has not been televised, it has gone mobile.

However, it’s not too late to join the party. There are over 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world to date and many of them are accessing the internet primarily through their smartphones and tablets. By 2015, it is projected that over 50% of off ALL online traffic will come from mobile devices. You have time to get on board. We have provided some additional evidence here, as to why your business should have a mobile website:

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Effective Web Design

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Many of the concepts here are the same for both internet and print. Websites have the added advantage of being instantly changeable. Also, websites at their best engage your customers in your message. Customers cannot be engaged if your website is not interesting to look at, if they don’t understand the message, or if they aren’t able to figure out where to find what they want. Most of the points below are about making the layout as easy to use and understand as possible. The rest are about giving people what they want.

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New Vancouver Graphic Designer on board

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We are happy to announce Walter Matyas has come back to us in the role of Head Designer with Standard Marketing’s growing team of professionals. He comes from a designer’s world with over 10 years in web and graphic design, and the same again in traditional design. He has been freelancing since his departure from us several years ago. With great energy and a vibrant portfolio Walter’s return has revitalized our office. He will take care of the design part of the business and looks forward to taking on more responsibility in the future.  We wish him great success and a rising career as Art Director and Head Designer at Standard Marketing.

Social Media Integration….

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Did you know that there is Social Media content management tools out there that can save you a lot of time by using them to integrate your Blog with your Facebook and Twitter account? This information could be useful for beginning or intermediate level bloggers and social media enthusiasts.

If you have Twitter followers who are not suscribed to your RSS Feed, or if you have Facebook friends or fans who aren’t following you on Twitter you can still mantain those channels fed with information from your blog without having to enter your articles multiple times on these different sites.

Here at Standard Marketing we have integrated our Blog feed into our Notes on our Facebook Fan Page. For Twitter, we use a plugin called Twitter Tools. It allows our Twitter account to broadcast our blog posts. Because Twitter allows only 140 character posts you can use URL shortening services and integrate them with your tweeter to link back to your blog posts.

New Website

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We’re proud to present the launch of a new website
built by our team and already receiving traffic. The company it represents,
Provincial Moving, is one of the top movers in Edmonton and Northern Alberta
serving the area for 19 years. If you live in Edmonton or around Northern
Alberta and are in need of help with your move check out their new website
and get a free estimate. Happy moving!

Browser Compatibility

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Lets face it, one of the biggest problems that web developers face is trying to make their product visible in the same way on each major browser out there. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome are the ones most mentioned but the biggest trouble-maker is IE, short for Internet Explorer.

Yes, it’s true that about 80% of web surfers use it but that is not based on IE’s ‘magnificent’ performance. The truth is that until the recent Windows Vista, Microsoft was including IE in each operating system by default and most of the time it wasn’t removable. Clever technique that works! Except the European Union commission noticed and sued Microsoft for breaking anti-trust laws for millions of dollars.

That is why the new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7, will not have Internet Explorer embedded anymore. Internet Explorer has been around for a long time but it’s full of CSS bugs.

It is our recommendation for those of you who have websites with regular traffic to view it with at least two different browsers for the sake of compatibility and versatility, and for the sake of knowing if your website is accessible by everybody.

Web 2.0

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Even though Web 2.0 has been around for a while we thought it was worthy of mentioning it on our brand new blog for several reasons.  For those of you who have joined the “Facebook Generation” this post might seem a bit outdated but for many surfers who still use Internet Explorer 6.0 (released in 2001) the information might come in handy.

As the internet community grows there is more demand for fast and efficient websites. Creating static pages doesn’t cut it anymore, instead websites nowadays are a combination of HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, PHP, or what some refer to in general as Ajax. This in itself is a technique that is implemented to create instant interaction between the user and the server, thus creating prompt results. Without this technology Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and many other online communities would not exist. From a business standpoint it is profitable to keep up because as we speak Facebook is one of the largest internet companies around and it only took 5 years for it to expand to more than 200 million users worldwide.

The possibilities of e-commerce through Web 2.0 have expanded way beyond what the Internet used to offer and it would benefit you too to update every once in a while.