Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising has a number of important advantages over any other form of advertising.

  1. You pay only when somebody clicks your ad and comes to your website.
  2. Your ad can appear right at the top of page one of the search results page above the organic listings.
  3. You can have your ads showing on page one and generating income in one day or perhaps even a few hours.
  4. We can make it so whatever keyword people search for will be included right in your ad.
  5. Google will give new advertisers a bonus of up to $300.
  6. You are reaching potential customers at the exact moment they’re ready to buy your products and services.

Many Types Of Pay-Per-Click Ads

There are many types of pay-per-click ads other than just the text ads shown on Google search results pages. There are ads with photos, ads with animations, and ads with videos. There are also many sizes and shapes of ads, long thin horizontal ads, tall thin skyscraper ads, and ads of almost any shape and size.

Many Websites Offer Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You can place your ads on other websites besides Google. For example, if you are advertising financial services you can ask Google to place your display ads only on websites that offer financial services that aren’t competing with your own. You can even select exactly which websites you want your ads to be seen on.

Google Adwords is the most well-established and the most expensive website for pay-per-click. But other websites, such as FaceBook and LinkedIn have pay-per-click advertising, and because they’re not so well-established they are less expensive on a cost per click basis. This means it can be to your strong advantage to look at other pay-per-click options other than just Google.

How We Create A Money-Making Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign

These are the main steps in creating a profitable Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign:

  1. First we talk with you about your business, your goals, and past successes.
  2. Then we find the best keyword phrases through keyword research.
  3. Then we write persuasive, compelling ads.
  4. We select where and when your ads will be shown.
  5. We build a compelling Landing Page for your Pay-Per-Click ads so more people contact you, to increase your Quality Score, and to reduce your Cost Per Click.
  6. We conduct ongoing testing to constantly improve your Return On Investment.

Certified Landing Page Specialists

SEO Vancouver firm, Standard Marketing has achieved the Landing Page Optimization Certification Program.

We’re Certified Landing Page specialists by Marketing Experiments, one of the largest and most successful email marketing consultants in the world. We know how to design and build Landing Pages that will lower your cost-per-click and convert more visitors into bona fide leads. Two of the most important aspects of a powerful landing page are:

•   Follows the thought process of the visitor.
•   Everything on the page either directs people to the desired action, or reinforces their decision to take the desired action.

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