Press Release Creation and Distribution

A Quick Way to Increase Website Traffic

Internet Marketing Vancouver firm, Standard Marketing presents a screenshot of a Google News article integrated in SERP.

Press releases are a great way to temporarily increase the traffic to your website. The more newsworthy your Press Release the more new traffic will come. Our writers are skilled at finding newsworthy stories in the everyday flow of your business.

Some press releases are designed to increase website traffic as mentioned above, while others increase the actual walk-in traffic to your place of business. Each method requires different distribution methods and tools, and comes with different costs. But even the least expensive Press Release can bring thousands of new potential customers to your website.

The Standard Marketing team understands how every element of what a company does affects the way they are perceived by the public. With over 30 years experience in marketing and public relations our staff takes into account your relations with all of your many publics – your investors, customers, staff, suppliers, and more.

We optimize your press releases so they are picked up by Google as well as major news wires in Canada and around the world. This recent screen shot for one of our clients shows how a press release can increase the number of listings you have on page one of Google.

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Press Releases can vary widely in price depending on their purpose and distribution. If the Press Release is only for publication on the internet the price for planning the strategy, creating the content, and writing it is $500. Distribution is a third party expense which is billed directly to the client. Distribution can cost anywhere from $200 to $2,500 depending on whether you want it published only on the internet or in trade magazines and newspapers nationally.