Search Engine Optimization

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Our SEO Packages are based on what we need to do to get our clients’ websites high on page one of Google. Larger clients require a wide variety of services, such as Email Marketing and Pay-Per-Click, but generally every client requires these things:

  1. Keyword Research – We do keyword research for every SEO client, no matter how obvious you might think the best keywords would be. The reason is that we must get every client on the top half of page one of Google. Hardly anybody goes to page 2 anymore. Many don’t even scroll down page one.

    1. How Many Searchers – We look at how many people are searching on Google every month for each of the many different keywords for this client’s area. The smaller the area or business category the easier it is to get high rankings.

    2. How Much Competition – Then we go to Google and search for each of those keyword phrases to see how many website pages have those keywords on them. The more websites there are, the more work it will take to get our client to the top of page one of Google.

    3. Competition One-By-One – Then we look at the competition’s websites that are ranking well on Google for each of those keyword phrases. We look at them one-by-one, and we see how hard it will be to get our client ranking higher than them.

    4. Top Of Google – Then we recommend to the client which keyword phrase we can get them on the top half of page one of Google for their budget.

  2. Title Tags – We make sure the title tags on all of your website pages have the correct information. Title tags are one of the most important SEO factors on a website.

  3. Description Tags – While they do not directly effect you ranking the search results on Google, meta description tags must be well written. This is the text that appears under the link to your website in the Google search results. It needs to entice people to come to your website.

  4. Homepage Optimization – We usually need to add more text to the homepage. This text has to be written for search engines as well as to get prospective customers to take action. We are experts at making clients’ websites so people take the action you want them to. An important part of that is writing good homepage text.

  5. Your Blog – Google demands a website be adding content of real value to your customers and prospects on a regular basis. They want to show websites in their search results that have current content. A blog is the best way to regularly add content to your website. The more blogging you do the higher your rankings will be and the more traffic you’ll get to your website. When you stop blogging Google will drop your rankings. See our blogs and blogging page for more information.

  6. Technical Issues – There are many small but important technical issues we need to do for every client to ensure your website has high rankings on Google. There are too many to list here but we’d be happy to discuss them with you anytime. Please contact us for details.

Then We Upgrade the Rest of your Internet Presence

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  1. Google My Business – If you have a physical address but don’t have a Google My Business account we would set one up professionally. To get your website in the Local-Pack of Google My Business listings above other organic listings on the search results page you must have a Google My Business account. Getting your website in the Local-Pack can bring you huge amounts of business.

  2. Social Media – Social Media has become a mandatory part of marketing and website because people expect you to have a presence there. It also has a powerful impact on your search engine results. We set up professional looking profiles for you on Facebook and Twitter, and promote your website with Pay Per Click advertising.

  3. Inbound Linking – Inbound Links are links on other websites that when clicked take people to your website. It actually doesn’t matter if anybody ever clicks those links or not. Just the fact that they’re there tells Google your website is worthy of higher rankings. See what Google says about Inbound Links. The best Inbound Links for improving your Google Rankings also bring qualified traffic to your website. We have many strategies to gain high quality Inbound
    Links, such as blogging, article writing, contributing to good forums, press releases, video marketing, social media, and others.

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